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I'm back... Any of the "old timers" still here?
I'm an old lurker. I remember you, Ken... I occasionally made posts. Currently have a '12 Charger R/T AWD, a 2003 2500 4X4, 97 Dakota, and my still waiting for restoration '72 340 Demon. We've got a...
2 months ago 4
Re: Tufoil is same as Slick 50???
I will say up front that I work for Fluoramics, the company that engineered Tufoil for Engines. When we developed Tufoil, a lot of companies tried to emulate us with "similar" products but they didn't...
7 months ago
Re: Dakota and 3.55 vs 3.92 Axle ?
I know this is an old post but it was crazy reading all the pros comments on 3.5 vs 3.92 not one of the pros asked about tire size??????????? i have 31 inch tires so I will not lose any mpg at...
9 months ago 1
2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi questions
Anyone know where to obtain and original owner's manual for this pickup? Not the online downloadable ones, but an original paperback one. I also have not seen any photos of the back seat area when the...
1 year ago 2
1999 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 318 what will interchange
I need a transmission and motor. What model jeeps will interchange motor and transmission , and what year model dodge trucks will interchange ? It has a 318 5.2 automatic
2 years ago
First truck or vehicle at that
I?m looking at a 01 dodge for 3,000 what should I look for it already has 180k miles on it So it's Tue, 31 Oct 2017 12:18:01 +0000, and Austin payne says: A manual transmission. Enough tread on the...
3 years ago 5
Floor Creeper
Anybody have an opinion on what's the best floor creeper? Ability to work on rough ground is a plus. Thanks, Ken
3 years ago
Engine swap
I'm installing a 5.9 liter engine from an 01 4x4 ram into a 01 ram that has a 5.2 with a 5 spd. The 5.9 engine is from an automatic truck. What will be different or need changed out during the swap.(...
3 years ago 3
03-08 2500 Steering Upgrades
Anyone had experience with this procedure? Sure. Ions are everywhere, like sodium. Pretty much. For instance, elections. Those are events where you elect ions. And aother guy was talking about the arm...
3 years ago 1
The knob that sends heat to defrosters or this way, or that way, quit
We live, we vibrate, we are reborn. The grid is buzzing with meridians. Consciousness consists of morphic resonance of quantum energy. ?Quantum? means a condensing of the amazing. Who are we? Where on...
4 years ago
1999 dodge ram rough idle issue
I need help!!! I have a 1999 dodge ram with a 5.9L magnum v8. It has a rough idle issue. I've replaced the throttle position sensor, replaced the plenum gasket, replaced the idle air control module....
4 years ago 3
Bad mechanic work
Took my truck for a motor build and got ( ain't got ) a hunk of junk and the run around. Let's say 18 000 and 3 months later I still don't have my truck . 14 ram 3500 . Took it in to get all the...
4 years ago
Bad fuel pump and cost of repair?
Would anybody have a rough idea about how much parts/labor would be to have the fuel pump replaced in a '95 Dodge Ram Van 3500? I think it may involve dropping the tank. Also, is there a way to test a...
4 years ago
I own a 1997 Dodge B2500 van 3.9l
The van has problems staying on unless I press on the gas after that once I put it in drive I'm fine Check for vacuum leaks.
4 years ago 1
1997 dodge ram b1500
I have a dodge ram b1500 that won't start I've changed the spark plugs and fuel pump I've also changed the crancking sensor but it still won't start it seems like its not getting any gas what should I...
4 years ago