2004 Dodge Ram Instrument Panel Problem

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. I have a problem with the instrument
panel going hay-wire. All the lights come on and the odometer shows
"no bus", the tachometer, speedometer, and other gauges flatline. I
have checked the fuse box and no fuses appear to be burned out. Anyone
with an Idea of the problem? I have gone to mechanics and had
diagnostics run and the only one with any answers was Auto Zone with
codes "u0155 and u0101". However, I was told that the vehicle does not
have and "U" error codes. I need some help figuring this out before I
shell out $200 for the dealership to tell me it was a $1 problem.
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The 2004 model year connects all electrics via a CAN bus. The CAN bus transports data packets digitally. The entire instrument panel is driven by a microprocessor which receives the appropriately addressed data packets from the sensors. Your error appears to be a flakey connection of this data bus. Loose connector or corrosion in a connector. You will have to remove most of the plastic dash panels to remove the instrument cluster. Then, once you have access, disconnect the large connectors and inspect. It is not difficult, but it is a bit like a chinese puzzle. Steve
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Steve Lusardi

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