97 Dakota, Backfires, lose of power, lopes

I have posted on this truck 4 or 5 times in the last 8 months(about this problem) I have spent hundereds of dollars, took it to two Dodge
dealerships, and several private shops. the estimates have ran from $600 and one dealer ship to $4300 at a private shop.
The problem (which I found) was two fuel injectors.
Cold symptom: Idled very rough, and when you would attempt to give it fuel it would sometimes backfire.
As it warmed up it would run much better, but not good, on the road it was very weak on power.
How I diagnosed it: When the engine was cold, and running rough I unplugged the fuel injectors one at a time- -and made note of which ones made no difference.
I did the same thing when the engine was hot, and all seemed to make a difference.
Solution: I made me a bench device that I could run carburetor cleaner through the injector, then wd40(for lub), put those two that had made a difference back in and it runs like a new truck.
NOTE: On the bench, I would charge and fire the injector with WD40, all the patterns except two were cone shaped, but one squirted a small stream and another only did a half cone.(If you do this be careful with firing with the Carb Cleaner- -the spark can cause a fire)
Oh, I applied 40lbs air preasue.
My thanks to many of you, but there are a few I would like to direct this remark---GROW UP!! I am one of those "Old Farts" (72 years) which hase nothing to do with knowledge. I know at least two "punks" that wear MOPAR certified patches that couldn't grab their a__with both hands.
thanks guys!!
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