Dodge ram diesel 1995 adjustable shifting points accomplished

I think you guys will get a kick out of this. My truck wouldn's shift early enough. It would wind out sometimes to 55 before shifting into overdrive.
This is on a slight downhill too. The transmission guy couldn't fix it because it was computer related and they couldn't reprogram the computer (ECM). Dodge reprogramed it but to no avail. I changed speed sensor, put a 1000ohm 1/4 watt resistor across the transmission temperature sensor leads while bypassing it. This got rid of it dropping out of lockup but didn't help shift timing. My throttle position sensor checked OK before and after cleaning so it didn't seem to be the problem. I was just getting too much voltage going from the TPS back to the ECM. I wasn't about to buy a new computer, forget that, and I really didn't want ot buy another TPS. I however figured I could replace most of the truck myself for less money than hiring Dodge to fix it. So, I did break down and buy a TPS for about $170 from AutoZone. I really didn't expect it to fix the problem but it was my next logical step. It didn't fix it. Then I figured I would take my perfectly good but old TPS and set it up on a plate with a dial knob on the stem and a thump type set screw to lock it in position. I then hooked it in series with the new TPS (you have to hook up the ground wire too for feed off). Walla, I now can set the shift points depending rather I'm towing heavy or light or not at all. When empty and putting along easily, It will shift into overdrive at 33-34 MPH. It's great.
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