Now that's just too much like work

I met a man the other day that had an '86 W-150 with some pretty major
wiring issues ... as in the P.O. screwed up the OEM wiring causing the
system to fry.
So, I'm helping him out by assisting with re-wiring the truck.
This young man, a Marine Vet, bought a Painless wiring harness and tried to
install it himself but it was too much for his skills and that's where I
come into the picture.
But that's not the hard part.
He saw my service bed (which I've recently determined was taken off an '80's
Ford) and offered to swap me beds so he can lock up his weapons at the
shooting range.
Service beds are _HEAVY_!!!!!!
Damaged an engine hoist getting it off my truck and finally used a
come-along, the hoist, and sheer brawn to get the service body on his 4X4.
It lowered the rear 4" as compared to the standard 8' Styleline bed.
Next time? Ain't gonna be no next time ... unless I just have to . . . . .
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