Re: OT- A scooter for the Beekeeper

If you actually follow the thread, he didn't. He replied to you on my reply, not your OP.

The party currently running things.

Then you are definitely on the wrong side of the fence if that is what you want. The right has been owned by big business for a long time now and sadly, the left is not all that far behind.

As seen by the last presidential election, that doesn't happen.

Not a damn thing because there is no point. I'm not a registered republican nor do I live in that buttheads state so there is nothing that I can do about it and my senators are also both Republicans and with party loyalty.....

Just about every regular in here knows who I am. If I really wanted to hide, I would have disappeared for a month or so and re-appeared as somebody else. Like they say, screw me once, shame on you (not you in particular), screw me twice, shame on me.

The identity security is still valid as these NG's are international, not the few miles that a CB could reach under normal conditions.

if th

Yes, but not the way you initially described it with SS number and credit card theft.

It is not my friends that I'm worried about. That is fairly short sighted on your part. There are a lot of NG's out here and not all of them are clean or even legal for that matter. Would you want someone posting on one of those NG's using your real name because they were pissed at you. That is what happened to me and luckily, the asshole went to far and I found out about it when somebody from one of those groups sent me a friendly warning about using my actual name and email address when posting there (yea, the fuckwad actually used my valid email address along with my name) and I reported the POS. With the shit you get into with people in here sometimes, you might want to reconsider using your full name as well.
If at first you don't succeed, you're not cut out for skydiving

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True, but it still looks like you're "correcting" him for something he alreadsy knows.

So . . .neither of the party in power have the right . . . . Your grammatical content is screwed up, Tom.

ROTFLMBO!!!! Tom, why do you take every statement of how the government is supposed to work and turn it into a recruiting cry?
And if you don't think the Dems / Libs are influenced by "big business" then take another look at the total profits of Hollywood and the environmentalists and then figure in the influence Hollywood actors and environmentalists have on the Democrat / Liberal party. It ranks right up there with anything the conservatives / Republicans get.

My, my, my . . .still the sore loser even after it's been shown the election was not rigged in any way.

Just what the Liberals / Democrats want in a constituent, sit back, do nothing, let the "experts" run things.
Lincoln said that we have a government: "Of the People, By the People, and For the People." Which, to me means ther People need to get off their butts and take an active part in their government and complain, support or what ever your elected official needs, but he's going to follow other influences if he doesn't heasr from you, the voter.

So . . .you think they wont listen to you because you are not a Republican? As a voted in official, they are supposed to be responsible to ALL their constituents, not just party affiliates.

Regulars, yes, but what about the newbies? For all they know they're talking to a possesed steak. ;)

Well, I think you're being overly paranoid, from my pespective and experience.

Yes, it is. ID theft is ID theft.

No, I don't think so. The verification by friends that a post is not normal for you could keep you out of the pokey.

To be honest, Tom, your's is the only instance I've come across and I only have your statement it happened.
As for what I get into, apparently I don't cause anyone to get mad enough to do to me what you say was done to you, so maybe you do need mpore protection than me. And maybe you should be the one to watch what you say, hmm?
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I was correcting nobody, just giving a reason and BTW, it was not him posting binaries to a non-binary group.

Is there a reason why you continuously have to be an asshole? You know exactly what I mean since you blame the left for all of the problems of the world.

Perhaps you should learn how to read entire sentences. I have really no better opinion of the left so exactly what party am I recruiting for?

And this has to do with big business, HOW????

Not really but you keep thinking that?

I never said that it was and the fact that it wasn't this time just further backs my point.

You really are a bitter little man Budd. I will do nothing because there simply is nothing that I can do. Hell, it was an idiot in your party that did it.

LOL, just words Budd, just words.

He is going to do what the people with the big bucks want, especially if he is on the right because that party knows how to stick together.

Hahahahahahaha, thanks Budd, I needed that laugh. If that were true there would be no parties, everyone would be an independent.

Even if I gave a name, how would they know it was real? Most of the regulars in here don't use their full names, something that you keep hiding from.

No, I may just have more to lose than you.

Wrong. ID theft and name hijacking are not the same thing but can both cause much trouble.

Not really. What if your name were being used in a group that you don't belong to? What "friends" would you have there to say anything? Like I said, short sighted.

Well Budd, I guess that it is fortunate for me than that I don't have to prove shit to you. I gave you a reason and if you don't want to believe it, then don't. It still doesn't change the fact that everyone that doesn't use their actual or full name does it for the same reason. They don't want people to know who they are in the real world. There is no other reason. Now why they don't want people to know who they are may be different for each and every one of them and I will not attempt to figure out why. It simply is none of my business and it's none of yours either.

Or perhaps you are simply unaware of it. I hope for you sake that it didn't but it could.
If at first you don't succeed, you're not cut out for skydiving

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Oh, excuse me, mr moderator-wannabe. Long before you came to this group, the general agreement was that binaries, posted occasionally, weren't worth worrying about.
And you really had no justification to give a reason or a correction on the matterr.

Do you always have to get your undies in a bunch when someone needs you to correct your lousy English?
Now, will you explain what the heck you meant with that drivel?

What ever political affliation opposite of the group you say I'm a member of, and since you repeatedly scorn my Republican registration, I can only believe you mean the Republicans.

DUH!!!!! Hollywood __IS__ big business, Tom.

No, maybe not, but you've accused the present administration of every other vice you can conjur up.

Ok, go on being the well trained little liberal.

Are they? Or are the the summation of what the Founding Fathers wanted for this nation, a government of honesty, integrety and responsibility?
A governmental idea almost destroyed by liberalism.

How will you know if you never try?

You typify a trend in the US that is what will destroy this country, apathy. Don't think so? In the Iraqi elections, look at the voter turnout compared to the equivalent type of election in the US. If we had the same percentage, big business wouldn't be so influential.

No, I'm not hiding from it, and I sign with only a single name myself. However, you are the one avoiding the direct answers.

Like I said, paranoia. Things can be replaced. A lifestyle can be rebuilt (after a terrrible divorce, I know this for a fact). If your concerned for your physical life then you got far worse problems than a screen name.

It's ID theft.

ROTFLMBO!!! No, but more than once you DEMANDED the same of me. Double standareds are typical of the liberal mindset.

Agreed, but you're sure getting workerd up over it.
Fine, if your going to fall apart in a screaming, whining fit then I asked the wrong person.

Again, your lack of sentence structure leaves me wondering what the heck you mean, but forget it. You're turning this into a political "discussion" and that's not what I wanted to talk about.
Have a good one.
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LOL,cry me a river. How is this in any way any form of moderation? I never said not to do anything, only how the news servers respond to it and your general agreement doesn't have a damn thing to do with it.

As you said in the blower motor thread, this is an unmoderated group and I can say whatever I want to about it. If you don't like it, then try following your own advice (again in the blower motor thread) and set an example for me to follow. IOW, put up or shut up.

Are you really this desperate that you need to play stupid. At least I hope that you are playing.

Sure Budd, your right wing has done no better for the people of this country than the left and in many cases, worse. But you will find out when those medicade and medicare cuts go into effect, compliments of Bush and the right wing.

Talk about second rate sentence structure. Of course I mean republicans. They are currently running the country.

The difference here Budd is giving them money is a choice while most big business it is not, especially when it comes to things like energy where they rape us just about every day.

Nah, that would be you.

IOW, once ahgain you accuse me of stuff that you cannot back up.

Why not, you are a well trained conservative. The thing is Budd, that with all of the crap the right has been doing the past few years, being called a liberal isn't a bad thing anymore.

What they wanted then and what we have now are a far cry from each other.

More bitter and complete bullshit. I guess that we should still have slaves since freeing them was a liberal idea and perhaps you should now be out on the street since SS, medicare and medicade are also liberal ideas.

I have in the past and will come voting time again but I feel that the general public still hasn't been screwed enough to wise up but it's comming. I think that $4.00 a gallon fuel we will have next year might just about do it.

Sure they would Budd, they are the ones with the money and the spin doctors. Just look at the last election.

I did no such thing and you know it. You are just slipping back into your old childish spinmaster tactics.

While this is true, only a complete idiot would knowingly put themselves in that situation.

Nope. According to their definition, using a name or handle to cause trouble for someone is not ID theft but who cares, the point is that if you can do something to prevent it and don't, then you are not the brightest bulb in the pack.

I know you are and you are still wrong. What legal witnesses would you have if the FBI knocked on your door and accused you of downloading snuff films from an illegal web sight or NG and showed you a record with your name on it and possible a spoofed IP address? This is the real world today Budd.

Not really and BTW, I notices that your son didn't use his name when he posted in the Rain repel thread. Why is that Budd??? Does he have something to hide?

LOL, yea sure budd.

If you don't understand this then you really need to get to the doctor as your brain obviously has stopped working.

I said that I wouldn't let myself get sucked into this crap and here I go again. At least I am seeing it now and am done with this thread.
If at first you don't succeed, you're not cut out for skydiving

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Yep.... heard that one before.
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You want to know what moderation? Your isiduous little binary posting remark is what. The wording is typical of someone trying to divert attention.

Yep. And it's something thet you have reminded more people about that I have.

Tom, you're all upset again . . . .
And I've "put up" more times than you've "shut-up".

Nope, not playing at all. You get bent out of shape and start spouting indecipherable gibberish.
So far, it appears even you don't know what you meant.

Well, opinions are like rectums and you have yours. But, otoh, reports from unbiased sources disagree with you.

Why do I get the feeling this is an attempt to stir up my opinions on overpriced medications . . .

Oh, you're recruiting for the Republicans now?

And you're looking at the clean end of the stick. I menat the contributions of liberal actors / studios / producers who profit from monies paid for watching their movies which gets paid to liberal politicians. I figure you probably would rather ignore.

Don't have to, you've been spouting the same crap for the entire Bush administration in every political thread that's ever come to this group, and probably every other group you're in.

Thank you. That means I'm actively participating in the government processes.

Oh, look, here's some more of your anti-conservative / anti-Republican stuff you say you've been accused of.
Gee, all I had to do was wait and you provided your own gallows.

And it's apathetic fools that will not even try to change the government back that have caused it. Do you fit in that group?

Well, let's look at a few more liberal "innovations":
No prayer in schools. "In God we trust" out of the government completely ( insinuating that chroistians should not be allowed to hold office) Taking Christ Out of Christmas Parents should relinquish custody of their kids to the government for rearing. The corruption of the First Amendment ( separation of church and state has never been a problem) Evolution (still a theory, not a fact) Banning the opening prayer of Congress More government control of your life (which requires higher taxes) More infringements on the personal beliefs of the citizenry by forcing them to accept special rights and priveledges of special groups.
Shall I go on? Or do you get the picture?

think I've been saying? People, like myself, have been "screwed enough" and that's why we petition our representatives instead of trusting them to always know what's best just because they got elected.

It won't get there if you join us and petition for proice controls or better enforced anti-price gouging laws. What do you think made the petroleum industry drop prices after Katrina? It was petitions from the citinzenry that saw the gouging and reported it.

Talk about spin. because the voters didn't turn out as they could have, who knows who would have won? I don't and you would only be guessing. Even with the electoral college, every vote counts.

Whatever. You,ve deceived yourself so long you believe it now.

Then you're calling me a complete idiot, for I don't worry about those things. Oh, well, it's not the first time and you've called me far worse.

Gee, look at who suddenly needs definitions!!!! When I quoted Lincoln, you said they were "just words". Guess what, your definition and your screen name are just words and if that's the case, posting your real name is "just words".

Oh, gee, Tom . . have you made someone mad enough to do that to you? I'm glad I haven't and glad I have a personal history of not being that kind of person. You know the Bible says a good reputation is worth more than gold, don't you?

I see . . . the old double standard is in effect again.

Nope, and it's mighty childish of you to not ask him personally. Btw, he's a mature adult and lives on his own. He's no longer a moinor under my jurisdiction. Yes, I know you are one also, but this thread started out to be a simple request for a simple opinion.

More insults an innuendo . . . and your structure in the sentence in question sucked. Now just admit you don't know what you wrote . .

Yeah, right.
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