What the heck was THAT??

This is something that has happened maybe 5 or 6 times over the life of my 2001 Dakota (4x4, 4.7l v8). Normally, this happens if I've backed up
and nearly stalled the truck: pilot error. Did it the first time during the first couple of hours that I owned it (then didn't do it again for nearly a year). This time, it happened in heavy, slow traffic, starting to move out from a stop. It doesn't throw any codes, just still has the P0455 which I have to do something about someday (evaporative emissions leak; I've replaced the gas cap).
What the truck does is essentially nothing: I give it gas, it gives me nothing (sometimes a very weak attempt to rev), just anemically tries, but doesn't quite, stall. The only way to get the truck moving is to shut it off, then back on, then it works fine.
I'm guessing something in the computer gets 'confused' but I'm wondering if anybody knows exactly what is happening, and if it's fixable. Because it's so very intermittent (like I said, maybe 6 times in 5 years) I've never tried to take it to a dealer.
Doubt this has anything to do with it, but the previous day we had a very exciting morning driving through a blizzard in the Scottish Highlands (Glencoe and Rannoch Moor, for those who are familiar), as the only vehicle on the road (it was closed at both ends, we found out later), after we got by all the stuck vehicles. Quite a bit of time in 4LO on unplowed roads, and some 4hi on very iffy footing. Was the most 4x4 I've ever done in this truck. Had a lot of fun though. Weather was so bad we spent an hour waiting to get off the moor, because the snow plow itself got stuck!
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