92 Explorer Eddie Bauer- Simultaneous turn signal, brake lights and cruise contr

Last week, my wife called me at work saying she couldn't get anything to work
and I came home to find the battery cables a little loose. I cleaned them and
retightened them. They weren't corroded, just slightly loose. It started
instantly. Later found that the turn signals, brake lights and the cruise
control didn't work. Also the 'rear antilock brake ' indicator lite comes on
intermittently. Is this a relay problem? The bulbs are all OK. I have no manual
and just checked all the fuses under the hood and under the dash. Any feedback
or advice will be helpful. Thanks Kevin
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I can give any definitive advice but I would completely disconnect the battery, wait 30 minutes, then reconnect it. That should make any onboard computers reset. Then proceed from there. The 92's generally don't have much complexity compared to new vehicles so I tend to think this should be a simple problem. All the things you mention, brake, turn, and cc, have some portion of their wiring routed thru the steering wheel so I would wonder if there's something going on there. Another thing to look at is whether the switch on the brake pedal that turns on the brake lights, and turns off the cruise control, has anything funny going on. The wires inside the connector TO that switch fatigued on my 92 and consequently I had no brake lights and the CC would not disengage until the pedal was pressed hard enough to uncover the secondary vacuum relief port failsafe but on release the cc would come back on. Very disconcerting when you are trying to slow down.
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Ashton Crusher
Thanks Crusher! What you said made sense and I disconnected the battery first. while waiting the 30 mins., I opened the steering column up and checked the wires on the turn signal switch. Put the battery cables back on and tried the signals and brake lights and they worked. Appreciate the help.
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