99 Explorer .. Cranks but does not start ... Pls Help

I have a '99 Ex and absolutely love it! One problem is starts
intermittantly and is now becoming very unreliable. May have to trade to
dealer if I can't find the problem.
Turn key, ignition cranks... doesn't start. Sometimes if I try for 15
minutes or longer, will start.
Had IAC valve replaced, many shops tested fuel pressure and others things.
No codes set.
I have seen a lot of postings on this topic, with no definitive answers.
Please help!! I would really appreciate any responses!
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Pull the plug off the TPS and then try it. Sometimes a bad TPS will prevent it from starting. Have you tried starting fluid to see if it's fuel or electrical? You can have 40 PSI of fuel with no signal to the injectors.
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Ron B.
Ron -
Haven't been able to diagnose much, since always in an inconvenient location when X fails to start. Will try your suggestions next time it happens.
Thanks, Sean
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