Aeroscare Update

Yes, Clare, I know you're curious..... The old Aeroscare is still just as good as "new," only now new grunts and groans have appeared and I'm
afraid it will be RIP at the happy hunting ground before much longer.
I'm in no hurry though, and got my eye on a 32 Ford hot rod pick-um-up if and when the owner gets reasonable on the price.
Back to the Aerostar... since last time, changed the original starter/solenoid/relay/wiring at 150K miles. Also finally got to the bottom of the overheating - it was NOT the radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, rad cap, coolant, hoses, blockages, etc, etc.... all of which have now been replaced at least once. The water pump vanes had worn down - explains why the temp crept up with idling, revving it up cooled it off and seldom got hot which driving road speed.
I remember one of you fellers suggested water pump vanes, but most everybody else said it couldn't be that, so I started swapping out things -- all needed it anyway, and water pump r/r is not my idea of a good time.
Replaced radiators twice and used stop-leak, all which solved the problem for about year. Radiator shop said it needed a radiator which it sort of did because of being plugged up with stop-leak. Another garage told me there was a blockage between the radiator outlet and the water pump.... wrong... duheeee. 3 different shops said head gasket needed replacing -- need rebuild. Wrong - one bad spark plug and EGR mechanism adjustment took care of that.... ** Where do these people get their training??
Howdy doody friends and neighbors, Snuffy hyar....
I have been off (according the shrink)... I mean off the newsgroup for awhile. Looks like it's still going strong - good to see some familiar folks posting.
Anyways........ I am changing cell carriers from AT&T to Spectrum -- strictly due to price. So my question is do any of you have opinions about any of these choices - they are all in the same price range...
Will only mostly used for phone, text & email. Photo 4MPx is good enough. Internet use will be little to none - just info, no video. Also don't care what G is it -- 3, 4, etc... all overkill for my purposes.
LGStylo4 -- $10/mon for the phone for 24 months (or bring own phone $0) iPhone 6S -- $15/mon iPhone 7 -- $19/mon
Thankye fellers!
That's all and sign in,
Snuffy aka Newgene McMensa, LiveBait McKinney, etc.
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