bad ford escort alarm

Problem - my girlfriend's car alarm started going haywire. Now the car won't start. I'd have AAA tow it to a Ford place, but she's in the
basement of a parking garage and there's no way that any tow truck can even get close.
I took a look at it yesterday when I picked her up from work. She has a 2000 Escort ZX2 and the alarm says "Ford" on it (looks a lot like this one: ), but I think it's made by a 3rd party and was dealer installed. There's no way this was factory installed because the wires are wrapped in electrical tape and the alarm was just shoved under the dash. When she tries to turn the car on without deactivating the alarm, you can feel the relays in the box clicking but nothing happens (except a little dimming of the cabin lights). Also, the shock sensor doesn't seem to do anything. She remote still works, though, because she can disable the alarm and then the relays won't click. I've checked all the fuses I could find that might have anything to do with any of this and I haven't been able to find anything.
Now, when she turns the key I hear a click from under the hood but I can't tell where it's coming from. The engine definitely isn't turning at all.
So - I think the best thing to do would be to try and take the alarm out of the equation for now.
My question - If I unplug the two ignotion wires, will shorting them allow my girlfriend to bypass the alarm and start her car? I've never fooled around with anything like this and I don't want to blow something up.
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