[HELP] 2002's Fiesta 1.4 TDCi problem

(Please, miss my mistakes...)
I have a 2002's Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and since 2003 I've been experiencing a little problem.
It all started with the low fuel light appearing when I had 2 marks of fuel in the tank(this model has 5 or 6 marks to show the fuel level). The fuel level droped to 1/2 of the last mark and then the fuel light got lid! I went to the Ford concessionary (mechanic shop called "Norfor") and I was informed that they have made an update to the vehicle software. This problem (quite almost) desapeared.
Later (1 or 2 weeks), the digital temperature gauge on the velocimeter got lid! As this happened, on panel where the temperature degree is shown, the marker appeared on all its possible positions, flashing! To better understand this: - imagine that the panel has 5 markers to represent the temperature of the vehicle (1 marker to low temperature, 3 markers to normal temperature and 1 marker to high temperature)... ALL the 5 markers start to flash simultaneously and the high temperature light is shown!!
In September, 2003 I went to the Ford concessionary (Norfor) I they said that they couldn't track the problem. Consulting Ford Lusitana (Iberia's Ford Automobile representative), Norfor's representative was informed that they needed to replace the whole panel (the one in front of the wheel drive, where is located the velocimeter and others). As they replaced that panel, 1 week later the problem is back! So, they put the previous panel back in its place.
I've noticed that as the temperature light appears and the markers are flashing, the software is reseting the markers (and the temperature light) and that there is "nothing wrong" with the car. I've told that to the Norfor's representative and they said that they need to replaced the whole electrical system!!!! As natural, it will cost a lot of money to do so!
Can anyone help me? Should I write a letter to the Iberia's Ford Automobile representative? Thanks for your time and your help!
Best regards, from Portugal,
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