INFO: glossary of Ford EFI and Powertrain/chassis terms

Not meant to be complete, most terms encountered by non-pro's should be here.
Jim Warman's additions included
ABS Anti-Lock Braking System.
ACT Air Charge Temperature (intake air, after filter). ATX Automatic Trans. BAP Barometric (atmosphere) Air Pressure sensor. BOO - brake on/off switch. see below BPP - brake pedal position sensor.... used to be called BOO BPS - brake pressure sensor. CC Cruise Control. CCS Cruise Control Switch. CEL Check Engine Light. CFI Central Fuel Inj, also called Throttle Body inj. CPS Camshaft (or Crankshaft) Position Sensor - used for ignition, injection timing. CHT - cylinder head temperature sensor. CKP - crankshaft position sensor. CMDTC - continuous memory diagnostic trouble code, a problem that PCM has seen but may not be present now. CMP - camshaft position sensor. DPFE Differential Pressure Feedback, Exhaust - measures EGR flow. DSM - drivers seat module EECIV The Engine/Trans Computer system used from mid-80's - mid 90's. ECM Engine control Module (before trans control > PCM). EFI Electronic fuel injection. EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor, also called O2 sensor. EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation (valve).- reduce emissions by lowering combustion temperatures. ECT Engine Coolant Temperature sensor. GRVPS EGR Valve Position Sensor tells ECM/PCM how far the EGR valve is open (EGRVPS is more commonly referred to as EVP) (Non-DPFE applications). EOT - engine oil temperature. EPC - electronic pressure control solenoid (inside trans). FP Fuel Pump. FPM - fuel pump module. FPR Fuel Pressure Regulator. FPS - fuel pressure sensor. HEGO Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor, heated to reach op temp earlier, also called O2 sensor. IAC Idle Air Control (valve). Also referred to previously as ISC, IABP. IAT Intake Air Temperature (sensor). IVD - interactive vehicle dynamics. IMRC Intake Manifold Runner Control (late model, multi-valve variable induction). LCM - lighting control module. MAF Mass Air Flow (sensor). MAP Manifold Air Pressure sensor..used in engines without MAF (speed-density systems) MLP - manual lever position sensor. MPLearn - misfire profile learn. MTX Manual Trans. OBDII Standardized powertrain control system from mid 90's (depend on model) ODDTC - on demand code - a problem that is present at the time of the test. OSS - output shaft speed sensor. PCM Powertrain Control Module (engine AND trans EEC). PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation (valve). PIP Profile Ignition Pick-up - dist position pickup, ALSO the pulse sent TO the ECM PPS - power steering pressure switch. SAW - spark angle word signal. SPOUT Spark Output, the ignition timing pulse sent back to the ignition module based on PIP, engine RPM and sensor input. TB Throttle Body. TC Traction Control. TCS - transmission control switch... also known as OCS - overdrive cancel switch. TFI Thick Film Ignition - Ignition module used with EECIV, side of dist on most models, remote on some later models. TPS Throttle Position Sensor. TSS - turbine shaft speed sensor. VCT - variable cam timing solenoid. VSM - vehicle security module. VSS Vehicle Speed sensor (with or instead of speedo cable).
*Test terms*: KOEO Key On Engine OFF, pulls memory codes KOER Key On Engine RUNNING, real time error info WOT Wide Open Throttle. Goose Test during KOER to test throttle position sensor and engine response. STI Self Test input, EEC - ground to start test STO Self Test Output some time same electrical lead as the CEL, but carries the test pulse or data.
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