Re: A/C Blows hot AND cold!

I took it to the Lou Bachrodt Chevy dealer in Pompano Beach Florida. What happened was I used my extended warranty but the warranty company didn't pay them as much as they thought they should get (see my posts about Even though I had to pay $178 out of pocket to get them to do the work I guess they figured they would try to prey on me for the extra $1000 they said they discounted because of the "lying warranty company I had." They called telling me I needed new brake fluid and it would be $89. I told them no. Turns out they had to flush the system to fix the anti-lock module and charged the warranty company for the fluid already. Next I come to pick the car up. A/C is blowing hot. The technician says it was blowing cold the day before when he test drove it. So they take it back to look at it again. I call three hours later and the service writer, Robert Farkas, tells me the battery is bad and it will be $189, "and that's probably why the A/C isn't working right." He also said the car now wouldn't start and needed a jump. I had him transfer me to the manager and the manager told me he's not responsible. He said, "If your car was hit by lightning while in the shop would I be responsible?" Being that it was Friday evening it turns out the Technicians went home and never did look at the car and I would have to leave it there till Monday. On top of that they wanted me to authorize another diagnosis and repair order. Disgusted I came to pick up my car. The car started right up so I drove it straight to Sears to have the battery checked. Sears found that the battery was perfect and gave me a readout of the results. But like I said the A/C is blowing hot out of one side, cold out the other. This must have been done intentionally so I figure it's an easy fix. They may have just switched a couple of wires. So I'm hoping there's an easy solution. And being that there was such a struggle with the warranty company, I'm worried they won't honor another claim from that dealership, and I wouldn't blame them. My first instinct was to get me and my car out of that place fast.
I don't know about you but I feel I was glad to get out of there with my skin. These people are blatant criminals with no scruples what so ever. Would you let someone like that near your car again? Can you understand why I'm afraid to bring it back? In the short time I was there I heard three different people arguing with them. I know dealerships known to be bad news but this place was over the top. What do think I should do now that you heard the details?
All the best,
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