Re: Did u get caught over the limit?

i've been hit by a drunk driver on three separate occasions. the last one was on july 2nd, 1985. i saw her coming and had come to a complete
stop with my car angled about 30 degrees off to the side of the road and she still managed to hit me in a head on glancing blow on the driver's side and took out the whole car on that side as far as damage. when her car came to rest, she was still completely on my side of the road.
when i got her out of the car and got the cops called, she is swaying in the breeze, barely able to stand up and asked me, "what are we standing out here for?"
i said, "because you hit me!"
she said, "well, what's all this cracked ice around here?"
i said, "it busted glass!"
when the cops got there and put us in the back seat of the police car, she started crying. i thought i would try to impress upon her just how dangerous this was because i had my wife and children in the car.
i said, "did you know that there were five lives in that car?"
she looked at me and said, "well, i've had five guys before too!"
i thought to myself, this conversation is going nowhere fast and about that time a police report went over the radio about some fireworks being shot off.
i was talking with the cop about the report that just came over the radio, when the woman stopped crying and looked at me and said, "FUCK YOU MAN!!!!!"
i looked at the cop and the cop looked at me and didn't know what to say. the cop then looked at the woman and said, "ma'm, we are not talking about you or the accident."
she looked at the cop and said, "it's a free country.......i can say anything i want."
i asked the cop to verify the position of her car when it came to rest after the accident to be used as an expert witness.
the cop said, "you don't have to worry, she's not going home tonight."
so, she's in jail, her car is totalled. my car is ruined, and all because she didn't follow the simple rule to have a sober driver behind the wheel. she could have still had her fun, but why put everyone on the road at risk for her enjoyment, not to mention the finanical hardship she was going to have to face on losing her car and the high risk insurance?
just my 02 cents.
~ curtis
knowledge is power - growing old is mandatory - growing wise is optional
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