strange problems solved !

Hello all,
Just letting you know how some pesky electrical problems were solved just be replacing the battery, 2000 Ford Focus ZX3.
The car's been plagued with electrical problems recently - engine stalling while driving and computer going all crazy with the gauges, low-speed cooling fan not kicking in in bumper to bumper traffic. I couldn't find anything broken with it - it just didn't make sense - it had all these intermittent problems, but each component checked out fine on its own. I started to believe I was having wiring issues.
Until one day the car wouldn't start in the morning - battery was dead. I jump started it, but when I disconnected the jumper cables, the computer went haywire. I replaced the old battery with a new one and all my problems went away - no more computer resets, the cooling fan started to work, etc.
It is very strange how this battery died suddenly (original Motorcfart battery) - it always had good power to start the car without hesitation ... and then it died, just like that. And meanwhile has been causing all sorts of electrical problems.
So, if you're experiencing strange electrical problems, engine stalling, cooling fan not working, etc, start from the battery !
Regards, Stanjo
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