Installed HELLA 7x6 lined lens conversion for a trip over the Rockies int o Wyoming down thru Utah.
Not that we're driving at night ! I am over the line on not seeing the berm
or insides of sharp low speed turns. Ford's 2 headlamps recessed into the black nose 2008 grill do not light the berm. A disaster, criminal under des ign.
The Ford lighting experience is mostly transient....cursed then let slide. Worse, illumination from the Ford wiring/lamp units was variable over 100K miles.
NOT THIS TIME. HELLA finally appeared on Summit Racing's catalogue with a hi/low beam conv ersion upgradeable to 80/100 watts from 55/60w.
Easy replacement: Lamp units side's sprout 2 ears squeezing into Ford's hou sing. Wiring here turns out hi becomes low, low to hi so wires need switching. Th e bulb unit seats against Hella's housing on a brown rim with some tweaking of front and rear tabs, removal of under tabs at the rectangular punchout where the housings small vertical locator fin sits thru.
Bring 2 quality needle nose pliers. One large one small. Have a diode wire twister pins on a small needle nose ? Super. If the spring clip needs ben ding, the bender...exercising 3D intelligence, holds one side stable with p liers, maybe linemans, then bends the other side.
You watched Jeep Man install round HELLA on Utube ? No mention of inspectin g the bulb unit's seating. I would guess there are a few HELLA conversionis ts wandering around with cockeyed bulb units.
So. What happened ? Around the corner into darkness we have a Blvd runs thr u Cow Slough Swamp off the Bass property into the Gulf of Mexico. I was pleased as Punch. Niagara Falls Dude. The Ford Lighting Tunnel replac ed with a broad evenly illuminated road and berm with distant sings gloweri ng back. EYEYEHAHHAHHAHAH ! LIGHT ROAD BUFFALO FRENCH FARMERS...
Coons and possums danced on the berm.
You know the feeling: " Aw was this worth the trouble" ?
On hi beam with low stalk. Low beam on hi stalk had a fine cutoff with exce llent berm lighting.
Yes, 15% plus brighter overall than Ford but focus, light quality......wond erful.
There are 450's peaking over a roof rack spoiler for ultimate berm ID. We know where we are now.
Two bolts top 2008 grille light 'bezel' ...the entire large plastic surroun ding park and headlamps.. and 2 bottom hiding back of the bumper with one p lastic ring pin shaft on the outboard side pulls out.
4 12ga wires for each filament run direct from the battery supplies .25 vol ts plus to the conversion, over what Ford's wiring feeds.
I haven't plugged the desert lighting 12GA relay unit in for a test but hav e a photo. I'll get back after testing the relay wiring for Ford anti-mod s urprises, Wiring: minus the dioded double connection on left.
Relay: HELLA 4RA003 510 26
Housing: Walmart School days pencil box atop battery. Closed with 3M electr ical tape shingled over seams. Relays mount on a plastic bar, Bottom box ha s 4-6 holes melted thru with a propane heated nail held with vice grips. Wi re holes closed with 3M 5000 boat caulk or Loctite General Adhesive availab le at Home Depot and Walmart. Haven't tried the Loctite on whatever the box is made from. The 3M sticks, cures slowly.
Hella conversion:
Look thru Hella's AUX lighting while there.
Wire gauge/voltage calculator
Hella advice:
Reduce the voltage drop to the bulbs By bypassing the standard wiring with relays the voltage to the headlamp ca n increase, giving improved performance from any bulb. Typically standard wiring is relatively thin and a 1 volt drop is common to the bulbs. When re placed with higher capacity cable and relays this voltage drop can be reduc ed. A 10% drop in voltage (1.2V) equals 33% drop in light output. Your loca l Auto Electrician will be able to offer this service. (0800 4 HELLA)
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