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4.6 or 5.4 how to tell?
What if it's not a factory motor how can I tell the difference between a 4.6 and a 5.4
8 months ago
1989 E350 Econoline Motorhome
Looking at a lifestyle change retiring, picked up an 89 Motorhome. The unit has 98,000 kms on it. Can't find any history of maintenance or a manual in it. Going to do all req'd for 100,000 scheduled...
9 months ago
Cold running problem
1979 F100 Ranger 5.8M AT 2WD Will not run cold. Starts no problem. Let it warm up and drives away. Probably 5 minutes. Don't wait? Immediately stalls when put in gear. Any ideas? New carburetor, choke...
10 months ago 2
There are 10 BRAND NEW Ford Excursions sitting in a warehouse - and it's 2020.....
Every looked back and wish you had bought a new Ford Excursion. Well...maybe.... just maybe you can convince the person who owns these to give one up. They have 10 BRAND NEW - untouched Ford...
11 months ago 1
Brake controller with RV electric over hydraulic brakes
We have a 2016 F-450. Looking at an 5th wheel RV with electric over hydraulic disc brakes. I know the new Fords are compatible. Can anyone tell me if the 2016 is also compatible or will we have...
1 year ago
Ready to Rock RTR shows us what they can do with the new Ford Ranger
The tuner RTR who is affiliated with Ford has taken the new Ranger and released this package. I?m sure as the new platform matures we will see even better examples come from other tuners out there....
1 year ago
79 F-100 Carb gaskets
I'm installing a reman 2150 2bbl on my 5.8M 79 F-100 p/u. I see a wide variety of carb to intake manifold gaskets for replacement. Some 1/4 inch spacer composite with nylon sleeves for the studs,...
1 year ago
1988 F150 No Power to Fuel Pumps
I need help please... I have a 1988 F150 standard truck. The motor is a 300 six cylinder 4.9. It does not have air conditioning, no power windows or l ocks. It is a basic truck. This fuel pumps in...
1 year ago
The Redneck Bowl is set
At least Oklahoma showed up and gave it a shot. Clemson...might as well have forfeited the game and stayed home. Talk about choking and being found on the road dead. Put some dresses on those Bambi...
3 years ago 11
2002 explorer antitheft is locking car up! How do i fix it?
anti theft system pull the fuse
3 years ago 1
Crown Vic chassis on old Ford Trucks
I've read this is a pretty straight forward project but haven' heard from anybody who has actually done it. It there anybody out there with first hand knowledge?
3 years ago
GEM Module Ford F650 Super Duty.
I am desperately looking for a GEM Module for my Ford F650 truck. The prob lems is the the brake sensor is being alerted of an error as well as it is draining my battery. I have sent in the module for...
3 years ago 3
P1443 - 1996 "ford ranger"/mazda-B300 (purge valve solenoid)
I am trying to clear this code. I have a list of things that I'm doing, but so far: - checked the gas cap for a good seal - replaced the canister purge solenoid/sensor/hoses assembly I can clear the...
3 years ago
2008 FORD E250 5.4 mileage
WITH roof rack and airfoil 12.8735632183908 mpg at 65/70 sometimes against the wind from Titusville to Fort Myers Beach. Rack n foil run without seals.
3 years ago
lost my keys
I lost my keys to my '85 6.9 f250 about a month ago, I've looked everywhere and found nothing. So what I was thinking was, Is there any way I could replace the ignition switch without the keys? Thanks...
3 years ago 2