1997 cavalier occasionally stalls out, too much fuel?

I have a base model 97 cav, 2.2... about 106k miles, gets me to work.
I started having two problems about the same time, so I think they are
probably related and they are both fuel system related.
First off, when I recrank the car after getting out at a store and getting back in, there is a strong gas odor in the car or near it. Doesnít interfere with cranking or running under normal conditions.
Second issue (probably more important) is that after the car sits at idle for maybe 10 minutes (like at a drive through or waiting on a perscription or something) the engine sputters and then stalls out. If you let it sit for 30 seconds to a few minutes you can get it fired back up and running again. Sometimes it will stall out again and you will have to let it sit for a bit longer and then it is fine.
On a side note, I only use this car for driving to and from work (32 miles round trip and I pretty much run about 60mph most of the way there). It is almost like the car is used to the way I drive and doesnít like sitting still like that.
I am in the process of changing the fuel filter because it hasnít ever been done. I ran some STP fuel injector cleaner through the gas in the last tank.
I donít know what else I can look at, but hope you guys are able to help me figure this out. I am in a pickle now because my minivan is having tranny issues and I donít know how long it will be until I get it back. My wife and kids (3) are all packed in the 2 door Cavalier, and I worry about the enging stalling out when she is driving.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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