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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 From trickster to the president? The President of the company Arrinera Automotive SA, Mr Luke Tomkiewiczu, we wrote a lot in one of ostantich posts. As you can see
the President met on their own stupidity and since pubikacji text - Banker forum already so not officially visited. In the world of tuningowców Mr. President is best known under the nickname M @ verick, and that many years ago was a very prolific author of texts on the Internet, it reading them completely complements the profile of this person.
Far from here is not about whether the statements of expert information about downloadable education. Besides, lack of education and indolence in the field of technical sciences fits perfectly into the story of workers Veno Automotive SA. She was the cause of numerous jokes, and above all the enormous expenses and delays in the design phase of the prototype (we wrote about this several times in the past). From the public statements a few years ago draws us to figure cwaniaczka. small-time crook, who advertises his own site with text, such as bypass fee for a place to park. Also gives advice - based on family habits - not paying the road tax arrears.
Feel free to read the article "How to deceive the parking meters in Warsaw" in the service There is presented an interesting way I can reduce the cost of standing in the center Wawy. Especially recommended for those who must leave their toy cars for hours.
Frankly that my brother (Mark Tomkiewicz - ed.) Also had a similar problem and it olal. Currently, there no longer is coming, may have forgotten? Or maybe it helped in that, with your car sold me while I go after opylilem also. I do not know, maybe someone in the group will be something he knew. But generally do not worry in Polish offices is total, "brothel" and not very effectively, they manage to enforce anything. I know a guy, who gathered in the last 4 years, more than 5 thousand. mandates to be paid and has paid over the years suddenly £ 800! Has this already about 50 points penalty and rides all the time! They sent him a letter last year asking you putting prawka driving and that was it. I would not worry, but do not suggest this to the end of August, maybe only in Warsaw is the wrestling.
Is M @ averick today is a different man? I think even our opponents hard to believe. It's still the same cwaniaczek who eagerly here and there look for opportunities to enrich themselves at some scam.
And he recognizes that "in Polish offices is a total mess," as it once was not afraid of fire and miejsckiej tax office, so today is not afraid to KNFu.
It is a pity that Mr. Tomkiewicz not remained faithful to his first passion. Maybe today, GK Veno budowałoby spaceship (obviously designed by Luke Tomkiewicz)?
I am a aviation fanatic maximum. M. et al. Had designed, made and oblatalem several remote-controlled airplanes. I have a lot for downloading pictures really extra planes, with pleasure by everyone who sends it to join, just such a person must have a lot of patience in the collection because there are really a lot of (mostly American aircraft). Since that I have free access to the network on a link constant, with the desire to help others. Please give exact address of the pages with photos and I airplanes, and I bring them to you powysylam.
Author: VenoWatch about 12:10 5 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: automotive arrinera , luke Tomkiewicz Saturday, August 20, 2011 Fenix ​​Automotive Ltd. - but we thank ... We went to England to see what the value represents a potential acquisition GK Veno, the Fenix ​​Automotive Ltd . The case is so interesting and important that the purchase of the company is likely to be funded by shareholders' hands, Veno and AA.
Well, we went to look for the Phoenix. It is finally supposed to be some serious business ... Because a great name, because supercars, because unconventional assets of the company itself (for example resulting from the mythical supercarów). Like most of our publications, to confirm the facts we present a photocopy of the most interesting documents.
Information about the company itself derived from the reports of April 2011.
The first curiosity. As it turns out capital Fenix ​​Automotive Ltd. is ... 1,000 pounds. Yes, it is not a mistake. Interestingly, a company with so little capital could not be established in Poland, where the lower limit for a limited liability company is 5000 zł, above 1,000 pounds.
It is worth remembering about the size of the share capital in the context of potential claims, because only this amount the company liable for its obligations. A short history of GK Veno no longer remember some claims were considered "irrecoverable".
Interestingly, the famous Mr. Lee Noble does not have all of the shares in the company. It does not have even a majority stake. Fenix ​​ Automotive Ltd has two shareholders with 50% of 500 pounds each.
Further information about the company is even more interesting, because I relate to financial results and overall financial condition of the company. The latest data made ​​public by the Phoenix from June 2010 and relate to the year 2009. (emphasis especially for all those who believe that we manipulate, for suitably large letters did not write this ... what we wrote:)
Net book value of the company ... 555 pounds.
Shareholders' equity of the company ... minus 26,148 pounds
As you can see the company had debts (how we know it). How much is guilty and who explains further notice. It turns out that the second of the partners lent her 30,000 pounds. At the date of this report, the money has not been a company committed to the lender.
It follows that one more interesting thing. Mr. Lee Noble is owed ​​ the company £ 500 (probably in terms of paying for their shares in the company). It seems that the legend surrounding this designer is one thing, reality and success finansowowy the second ...
We draw conclusions from the above, according to personal reflection and calculation. Everyone is entitled to their own decisions, and we only present the facts as they are. Facts of which all the companies jointly GK Veno silent.
PS. Our trip to England was a virtual course. Cost: £ 5. Costs so much to gain basic knowledge, which is sufficient for evaluating potential investments.
PS2. Soon udowonimy that superautach can earn only the most well- established. Of course posiłkując the documents, not conjecture. First, brand counts, then the name and passion ...
Author: VenoWatch about 20:58 14 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arrinera automotive , automotive fenix , holding , lee noble , veno Wednesday, August 17, 2011 How to buy a Phoenix, having no money ... Phoenix? Best to pretend that money is:
AA is guaranteed the means to produce both versions of the production car, as well as the acquisition of shares in the Fenix ​​ Automotive.
With time, hard to be a little softened, "we have the means," the lighter "we know where harvested ':
Considered several options to finance the production version of the car: from issue of shares with subscription rights, and warrants issued during the last general meeting. In total, this order has been issued 20 million warrants. Guarantor of the financing is not only VENO, but new shareholders Arrinera Automotive.
Statements by Puls Business
De facto: we have, but we do not have .. . What is normal in Group companies VENO.
Now - shutting down the entire history of buying shares in Phoenix - it is sufficient to seal the agreement. Payment of course, spread out in installments, and the greatest part of it (maybe all) to settle for a few months. Then you should already collected some money from megaemisji for Veno and Arrinerze emissions (although it was not debut yet, I know that it will broadcast).
And only a few that are looking for holes in the whole will remember that after it was claimed that Arrinera for everything he has money. This may give the company VENO inserted into it for three years, capital (more than 3 million PLN)?
Author: VenoWatch about 0:09 17 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arrinera automotive , automotive fenix Thursday, August 11, 2011 Does the President will share the 7 game So at the issue price at which shares offered to shareholders?
Parquet: Veno dearly be appreciated Floor: First issue, then resplit Business Pulse: Veno asks for vote of confidence
The question apparently is not rhetorical. Because we assume that the price offered to investors was a clever and optimal from the standpoint of business plans and strategies. We have yet to deal with a major listed company. Not without significance is the need of a subsidiary (Arrinera Automotive SA) and companies with which it cooperates Veno (though their name for several months investors have no chance to know.)
We reject the malicious claim that 7 gr issue price was not supported by any needs and calculations, and only spikes course. Spikes immediately deployed to quickly notice and attempt to collect megaemisji as the largest capital market (without informing the exact purpose).
In summary - we are waiting for the share issue and its coverage by the board, investors and friendly funds (Capital Zen, Heros Capital, Investment Namiron et al.)
Author: VenoWatch about 10:30 7 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arkadiusz kuich , issue price , original price , emissions , hero capitalists , investment namiron , nzwa , veno , zen capital Monday, August 8, 2011 Tomkiewicz second face of the President, or 178.73.36 .*
This time will be like Hitchcock: first earthquake, and later even more interesting. We'll talk about the President's Arrinera Automotive SA. What is hidden under the powder smile for the camera?
We received indications that people with GK VENO SA spend much time with entries on forums for self-promotion. Approached the matter from a distance, until, when Mr. Luke Tomkiewicz caught practically by the hand.
On presentation of the car Mr. Tomkiewicz interviewed "Pulsowi Business", which revealed information that had never been administered: auto will be marked 'by Lee Noble. " Article of the film appears on the website on the next to g. 8:41.
Meanwhile, a few hours earlier on the forum post appears Banker, and the texts that should be known only editorial "PB" and the person with whom he was interviewed. Luke Tomkiewicz not withstand the pressure, enters the forum and writes about it accurately, which has never previously been reported. (Well, unless we assume that the post was written by the editor of "PB"). Please remember Mr. Tomkiewicz IP: 178.73.36 .*
Tomkiewicz CEO interview explains a lot. He has prepared answers, because he could not understand the questions a journalist. At the very beginning of the answer is not about to start using ogranych arguments. And bingo! Please once again listen to his translation of it as too late to Canadians (the beginning of the interview) and then read another statement a few weeks. Is not this the same sentence? Another coincidence? :) And what IP? Of course 178.73.36 .*
As we wrote at the beginning - now will be just interesting. We do not want to receive your fascinating reading and scribbles of Mr. President. The fastest way to reach them by typing in the search: 178.73.36 .* VENO site:
Please note that this is a strange coincidence, the IP usually presents first-hand information. That moment just before the new photos appeared on a blog, or new information on Facebook, or article on a company blog. Truly pure chance. Here are a few gems (original spelling preserved):
Tale of LeMans and information about Lee Noble'u (two weeks before the official info)
[178.73.36 .*], 2011-05-27 23:57 Lee Noble has developed versions of Arrinerry, which is launched and a 24-hour race of Le Mans. The body of carbon fiber and alloy wishbones cast magnesium-titanium. Interestingly diesel engine will be like in the victorious Audi. (...)
Criticism of a very unpopular "Business Pulse"
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-06-11 13:55 and can ensure an appropriate level for this forum was as good as those on and not like as it was until now the box business (www.pb. pl)
The President himself puts monument
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-05-26 18:02 (...) And now the best: a) June 9 Prime Minister's car and foty, which obiegna whole siwat b) then surely they soficjalne foty c) surely awaited video shot helicopter d) everywhere will be full of cars in newspapers and on television , you know what will happen ???!!!! You know how the stock price will increase ????!!! Ku ... earn a szmal, with a shock! It will be 20-25 cents again! Only then will write the world sees as the car in action!
Forecast rate: 20 gr
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-05-18 16:47 I pie ..... course we have the order of 18-20 group! Finally, earn a fortune! It was worth the wait for those two years! I with an average of three group I earn about 600% or over 400 thousand zł! A good monthly salary comes out! Shock! Today I do not think I will sleep easily! It will be holiday! See you somewhere in the world because I fall into 2 bellows after the presentation of the car!
Morning cry of despair, the text of the blog alive przeklejone and corporate parties
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-08-08 6:38 (...) Lee Noble is a British entrepreneur, designer and automotive engineer. He was hailed as the most prolific of the British car manufacturer which was heard. Over three decades has created more than 2,000 cars of your own design. Almost every one of them presents an innovative performance, ignoring the issues of comfort, or a very elegant look. One of them, Ultima, he was even (...)
President of the reports as it gets other supeauta
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-03-16 0:15 Does anybody here that he could describe in detail what are the different stages of production supercarow? I know that at the beginning of the sketches are drawn by the stylist. What are next steps? But it seriously please. Without malice. I'm asking because I strongly wonder the picture below. Somehow they look so unsightly these cars. (...)
Instructions on how to find the video contained a few moments earlier
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-07-30 12:04 a.m. After typing on youtube arrinera automotive pops a new video from yesterday and tested the car on the route S8!
Poem in his honor (in the style of blogging the last fairy)
[178.73.36 .*] 2011-06-22 23:49 Veniaki huge victory today announced Aug. Venoswoloczowcy totally sunk again She had to be a huge poverty and oblivion And instead of this great honor should come to the point of crazy market their shares A bream sit in the restroom pissed People napychaja their pockets with cash And another is looking at grubasom Moral of this tale is clear and known to all who listen feel lost venoswoloczy
It's just a little "pish-rczości." People are ignorant VENO GK and the same measure of the measure of others. By allowing the release of text directly from the company, took care not even a proper hiding their activities. No ordinary self-control and professionalism zero, that is all that what we are used could be seen. Congratulations on your well- being.
Do the same well-being shown the Financial Supervision Commission? Is the correct form of communication with investors should not be the company's website, in particular the EIB and the ESPI reports? Is not this manipulation?
Ps. Is an open secret information, under what gives 178.73.36 .* nicks on other stock message boards ... Anyway, good luck with such people at the controls.
Author: VenoWatch about 17:18 7 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: 178.73.36 .* , arrinera automotive , banker , forum , ip address , the FSA , the pulse of business , luke Tomkiewicz Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Paparazzi and the extras on the trail Arrinery One of the paparazzi, who were impressed by the view Arrinery and "spontaneously" began to take pictures of her is Mr. Pavlo Burkatskyy. As we read the Golden Line service stylist at ... Arrinera Automotive SA. In his spare time he moonlights as a statis? have to admit - a fully professional in the making "ściemy":)
Author: VenoWatch about 0:03 6 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: automotive arrinera , Pavlo burkatskyy Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Veniaki at the controls of the companies part. 2 After all the scandal associated with the project Stealth Stealth B6 and B7 was still an interesting situation. It was decided that Carbon Design SA will cease to be a manufacturing company, will change its name and strategy and will become another investment company NewConnect.
Still remained the property company, which had to do something. Top preferred to sell so that the shareholders were happy. Everything indicates, however, that the president had in mind Obszański only one shareholder happy: people with GK Veno.
The entire production assets a company whose market capitalization in January 2010 was approximately 7.5 million zł sold for 50 thousand. zł in cash plus 400 thousand in shares heavily zł virtual company. If that was not enough Mariusz Obszański president added the promotion of debt valued at 400 thousand zł. The claim originates from a brokerage house (not far from a company such as ETD).
One might say that this is deliberate damage done to the company (downloaded from the office) . Well, yes, but so what? The lucky buyer of the property przecenionego become gentlemen: Mark Tomkiewicz, Luke Tomkiewicz and Arkadiusz Kuich the form Veno Automotive SA (now Arrinera SA ).
According to people who opted to us about the history of that Veno Automotive SA bought the ingredients manufacturing Carbon Design SA for approximately 20% of their value (!!!). The exact rules and methods of calculation, of course, not given. It is obvious that the gentlemen of GK Veno virtually all assets received free of charge. BLUMERANG got for it in the President Obszańskiego. So many amazing facts and no rational explanation, but may be looking at picking it all make sense.
In fairness we should add that - after yet another name change, today, the Blu Pre IPO SA - company under the wings BLUMERANG is doing better and better.
Author: VenoWatch about 12:30 6 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arkadiusz kuich , arrinera automotive , autogroup , BLUMERANG , Carbon Design , etd , mariusz obszański , stealth b6 , b7 stealth , tomasz tyliński , veno automotive , luke Tomkiewicz Monday, August 1, 2011 Veniaki at the controls of the companies part. 1 We managed to reach the people who told us how it looks conduct of listed companies (sic) and origin of the fortune Arrinera Automotive SA? The following summary and key facts of our findings.
When Mariusz Obszański, a man descended from the company BLUMERANG, led to the cancellation of Arkadiusz Kuicha and succeeded him as president of the Carbon Design SA, it discovered that the condition of the company that took over is not as rosy as it drew the previous president. Pushed on the strength of NewConnect (against the advice of auditors), the company has not earned at each other, because the money of shareholders, "spread" after the companies of the Group, or rather the "Group of personal information", mainly to: Veno SA, Veno Automotive SA and ETD Sp. oo
Carbon Design SA has been ravaged by - to put it mildly - Tuning clash investments by today's president Arrinery SA, Mr Luke Tomkiewicz. At the start he decided to spin a business associated with tuning in to a few months later to announce the conquest of the world desire to supercars.
In pursuing your passion in life president hired expensive powyciąganych employees of companies such as Bell. The reason generally correct - if you can not put anything in the company of each other (except an idea), then you should take to cooperate with specialists. In addition, about one million gold - obviously coming from investors - is swallowed up in software engineering, CNC milling machines, machines for production of laminates and 3D scanner. You could say - of course that you have to incur some expenditure on investment. In interviews epatowano sales to production supercars (for tuning parts for virtually ceased to remember now). With this, that this business does not even have a chance to appear in contemporary form.
Why? Our informants agree : probably because Mr. Luke Tomkiewicz was not able to expel from himself any project. Six programmers ślęczało the software for 300 thousand. zł and tried to make the visions of complied with the President Veno Automotive SA. Whenever it seemed that are close to understanding the plans that Mr. Tomkiewicz his vision for change. More than half a year had had fun of cat and mouse. With nearly two hundred of the planned projects were created less than two.
On the recommendation of the President Luke Tomkiewicz bought two numerical milling machine. Unfortunately have not asked anyone from the team about the usefulness or specification. Thus, investors have paid a few hundred thousand for the CNC milling machine, which could not be forced to operate without failure. Admittedly, the milling performed other commercial projects for external companies. However the same problems with machines were for men CEOs Veno and Veno Automotive SA, SA, an excellent pad for total incompetence and lack of knowledge in the work to which they are kidnapped. Of course, the market was informed about the delays and obvious guilt terrible machines.
Financial situation is not conducive to the cash drain on the company's Carbon Design SA by purchasing parts and services for Veno Automotive SA and fictitious employment of several persons failing ETD (Arkadiusz Kuichem with the president at the head.) sum up the financial situation of Carbon Design SA was not rosy, but Mr. Mariusz Obszański gave to approach a child. Now he was responsible for the mess left in the fall. Claims could only have each other, because he was so careless that they do not check the financial situation of the company. Perhaps he believed Mr. Kuichowi word for it.
As we said at the time, Carbon Design SA began the implementation of the order for Autogroup SA to build car bodies for Stealth Stealth B6 and B7. It was his only chance to get out of trouble for the company. The mechanism was simple: the stages of construction are valued by the team, twice was enough zawyżyć these calculations and the company Autogroup SA was going to pay how much info . Well Autogroup SA paid but not knowing that it was incompetence of former finance and governors of the new sleep (at least twice as made ​​przepłacając order!).
New CEO Mariusz Obszański already guessed that "Veniaki" illegally financed the activities of their companies with the money coming from Carbon Design SA. It seems that, however, did nothing to recover the money. He preferred not purely a game with friends BLUMERANG. It can be shown realistically, realizing that they simply have money, and since "Veniaków" and so nothing would wyszarpał. BLUMERANG Thus, thanks to President Obszańskiego thrift paid for the project B6 / B7 twice more than it cost in real terms.
CDN ...
Author: VenoWatch about 10:20 0 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arkadiusz kuich , arrinera automotive , autogroup , BLUMERANG , Carbon Design , etd , mariusz obszański , stealth b6 , b7 stealth , tomasz tyliński , veno automotive , luke Tomkiewicz Saturday, July 30, 2011 Apparently Veniaki are honest people Apparently Arrinera goes a long time. Apparently, a great lead. Apparently information about engine failure, and the door is not true. Apparently more than a month ago Arrinera could even go the whole 160 km / h. Apparently the company only reports the "most accurate information." Well, if so, what actually went so far as president Tomkiewicz and told the car in an interview, only if:
(...) Between 27 and 28 have been carried out the first road test car, yesterday presented photos of these tests, and until Monday 01/08/2011 will be presented a video of the rides.
Even in the simplest cases one must be able to lie, and then remember and be consistent. While these kłamstewkach can still catch the authors ...
Author: VenoWatch about 15:12 10 comments Send e-mail BlogThis Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share at Google Buzz Labels: arrinera automotive , test drive , luke Tomkiewicz The helicopter also has 4 wheels Already nadarzała the opportunity to write some positive statements about the presentation of driving around (sic) Arrinenry. Already it seemed that this time the promise publicly made ​​by Mr. and Mrs. Kuicha Tomkiewicz will be satisfied, but .. none of that. It's not even a failure to meet the deadline, but if a professional recording session from a helicopter is equal to 58 sekundowemu filmikowi kręconemu "hand" camera photos, it's hard to write anything positive. The more that the announcement of the film was completely transferred to the market seriously. As you can see nothing in this company does not change. Promises are one thing - the realization of a second.
How can I make a good movie about cars, please see here. Recommended masters of mind and Arrinery Veno and large crowds thrilling to clip your recorded rocking the hand. Warning! Cars on film spinning tops, sharp start and stop, and sometimes going over 200 km / h. Naparwdę, these cars so they can ... A tutaj end result of hard work a couple of guys from the estate. Once again, we suggest: Gentlemen outsourcing work to people who are familiar with on it. You can then write that everything is the opposite than VenoWatch posted, but until more time using our tips!
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