Code 63

Last week I got code 41, so I pulled the cam sensor out to see if the magnet was shot, but couldn't see it through the hole in the timing
cover, so I put the cam sensor back in. Code 41 cleared.
Today I get code 63. SES Light was on for about 4 hours. The book that came with the code scanner indicates code 63 to be
1. Manifold Absolute Pressure ( MAP ) sensor - signal voltage is high.
2. Small EGR failure,
3. Right Oxygen sensor failure ( dual sensor engines ),
4. Cruise Control system problem.
The Pontiac Service Manual says code 63 is EGR related. I see no mention made anywhere in the book about a Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor ( MAP ) so I assume I don't have a MAP sensor on my car. I don't have dual Oxygen sensors. The EGR Valve is the original still.
Later I went for a drive. The car starts fine, runs, idles and accelerates fine. I tried the Cruise Control and it set & held for the short distance it was on around town driving under 45 mph.. The SES Light went out after turning the cruise on & off a few times .
Tuesday, I had removed the turnsignal lever from the column to see how it came out ( a poster inquired about how to remove one a few days ago so I thought I'd try it on mine ).
I also disconnected the wires connected to the lever.
I wonder if code 63 setting had anything to do with my removing the turnsignal lever, which houses the Cruise Control buttons?
========Harryface ======== 1991 Pontiac Bonneville LE 3800 V6 ( C ), Black/Slate Grey _~_~_~_~277, 300 miles_~_~_ ~_~_
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