How many miles can I get out of a chevy Astro van 4.3L

would anybody know....
With light hauling, average driving and some city and some hwy
driving, what is the typical lifespan give or take 50000 miles of the
drivetrain of one of these vans with the Vortec 4.3L?
What breaks first?
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Frank White
Not the same vehicle, but brother has a 1991 S-10 4WD pickup with a 4.3 litre with 253,000 miles. You've got to maintain to go far.
Good Luck
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Harry Face
The sub-contractors at my old place ran Astros for work vehicles. They held up real well considering most were overloaded 90% of the time. They usually retired them with about 200,000 miles on them. They were still running just fine but they got new ones because the high mileage made them low value trade ins.
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Steve W.
4.3 in a 97 S10 Blazer.. .127k miles so far.
80k: Transmission (was setting slip code, replaced under warranty, not a normal failure) 80k: A/C Compresssor, winshield wiper control board 102,000 fuel pump 127k Plugs, wires, etc; fuel pressure regulator Also along hte way.. 50k water pump, forget the mileages, but I'm on the 4th alternator.
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It really depends on driving habits and maintainace. 200K plus is very doable with proper car and usage.
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We've got 265k miles on our '94 Astro. My wife has used it for 10 of those years on a 30-plus mile per day paper route, as well as driving it across country (literally) to dog shows, field trials, etc. I still use it as a daily driver to and from work (50-plus mile round trip) at anywhere from 65 to 80 mph.
The only major repair has been a transmission rebuild at about 150,000. Other than that its been the normal stuff like water pumps, an alternator, fuel pump and bunch of brake changes.
Watch for front-end steering components -- idler arms seem to be a high fail item.
It's been a fantastically reliable vehicle - and we've usually expected to see nearly 19mpg throughout its lifespan.
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Mark Sparge
I am a contractor doing light hauling daily, When I parted with my 92 astro it had 325,000 KM and still ran strong, no overhaul, same tranny. BTW, I drive a vehicle hard. I then gave it to a friend who dove another 35,000 km and then became plagued with problems. I don't expect that from my 03 astro. Some how the saying is true, they don't build them like the used to. Shame!
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I have an 05 astro with 278k. I bought it new and have taken care of it, but it's pretty much all original parts, and works good. I changed the ac clutch and two fuel pumps
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