how quickly does engine overheat upon coolant loss?

OK EVERYONE this is why we test drive a auto after repairs to make sure eveything is alright... Steve C
Re: how quickly does engine overheat upon coolant loss?
Group: Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2004, 6:09am (CST+6) From: (Alpha) The mechanic is the only one to be blamed here! He lied when he said that the hose got loose because the parts were cheep, unless the new part broke off or something like that. In retrospective, he could have done this and that, but it does not excuse the mechanic's incompetence. He stopped in 2 or 3 minutes after the temperature light came on, and if it was a freezing day it shouldn't be enough time to cause any problems. However, I would have the compression checked and whatever else necessary to make sure the engine was OK, but maybe not at the same mechanic. If there was damage to the engine I would request from the mechanic that screw it up, that he repaired whatever problem for free. If he didn't agree, I would call the motor vehicle department to explain and file a complaint if necessary and appropriate. They can be very useful in helping consumers in cases like this one. The client will help himself and future clients of that mechanic by waking him up so he is more careful next time. Dominic
Sam Kaan wrote: I was driving home the other day and my car first shows "low coolant" light. Well I figured it needs a top up, which I will do at the earliest opportunity. I mean come on, it was freezing cold where I live this time of year and I am not just going to get out of the car, open the trunk grab the spare coolants and pop the hood and do all that responsible thing. Well, I don't mean to be critical, but really, you could be more certain of what's going on if you pop the hood every once in a while and check your fluid levels. This can be easily done at home, preferably in the relative warmth of your garage, and then do fluid top-offs WHEN you do those checks. That way when such a light comes on, you KNOW something is wrong, and don't just drive along guessing that it's a minor issue. Also, I would gladly take the cold sting of pulling over, checking my coolant levels and finding the nearest service or gas station, when the alternative is to risk my car breaking down and waiting in the freezing cold for an hour or more, while my tow shows up (remember, no coolant and no engine also equals no interior heat.. though you might get by with sitting on the bumper and letting your overheated engine warm you up, campfire style). :) Besides I have seen "low coolant" light before and most of the times it will go away. Now, see, just because a warning light goes away doesn't mean the problem has permanently fixed itself. While a light going out MAY mean that the problem is at best TEMPORARILY resolved, it also means that something still went wrong and needs to be looked at. I stopped and waited for about 30 minutes before pouring anything into the rad. as those books say u don't want to put any cold fluid into the engine when its hot. Good idea. Pouring cold liquids into a superheated radiator is asking for trouble. Anyway he re-tightens the hoses and every thing, put new coolant in and I am driving my car again. I would've had him do a compression test while it was there.that way you would've known before you drove off if there was a problem. My BIGGEST concerns now though is whether or not the engine actually overheated and damage anything that I am not aware of.? Should I have it thoroughly checked? Yes! And check your oil and coolant. If you find oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil, then you've got trouble. or can I take my chance and drive this thing without any worry? Well, that's entirely up to you. Some people enjoy living by the seat of their pants. I prefer being reasonably certain that my car isn't about to leave me stranded. Its winter now in Canada and its cold, I don't want to be stuck on the highway in some far-flung corner of the province. Than you've pretty much answered your own question. :)
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