pontiac pursuit question

I was teaching my 15 year old son to drive the other day in my new 2006
pontiac pursuit. he was being stupid and put the car from drive while
it was going forward, to reverse. the car stopped responding and
slowed down. I screamed at him to brake and put the car in neutral. It
didn't make any of the noises i've always been told you hear when you do
such things, the sound of gears breaking and such.
After I flipped at him, I got in the drivers seat and started it up,
put it in drive, and it seems okay. responds fine, seems to change
gears fine, goes into reverse fine. I can even punch it and the
transmission seems to respond ok.
Does the Pursuit have some sort of cut-off to prevent such stupidity
from ruining your transmission? Did I get lucky? Is something going
to happen 10,000km from now and I'm just not yet experiencing the fallout?
Any suggestions? I'm paranoid, but don't want to take it to GM as they
might just decide to void my warranty. :(
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M. J.
That's because what you've always been told was not true. Good thing, huh?
As I would expect.
Most automatic transmissions behave this way these days. Nothing is going to happen that wouldn't otherwise happen down the road.
Too late. We all work for GM here...
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Mike Marlow
In all probabilities everything is fine. In todays tranny's you would probably never hear gears crunching etc... that story originates from MANY years ago, and is more atuned to gear grinding in manuals than anything.
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