Re: U.S. The kooky $3500-4500 cash for clunkers program

What are you people thinking? Where is this "something for nothing" mentality coming from, that does not understand the Government does not do
ANYTHING that creates wealth?
The government does not have a single dollar that they have not taken, or will take, from the people that actually DO create wealth!
Why in the world would anybody who actually pay taxes support a law that would give some of THEIR tax money to another taxpayer, or worse yet somebody who does not even pay a penny in taxes, since the Bush tax rate cuts were passed by the Congress, to buy a car? Much of that money will go off shore to foreign companies and foreign workers, to boot!
Doesn't the government already give away too much of our tax money already? Especially the trillions more in BO's upcoming budget? That is your money that the government do not yet have and will be taking from you and your children for years to come!
Wake up folks, there is NO free lunch, somebody must pay the piper!

This isn't law yet. It hasn't passed either house nor has Obama signed it.
So the details may change.
It is only for cars and trucks that have been registered for more than 119 days and in drivable condition and from before the model year 2001.
The bill could be greatly improved. It should allow powertrain components to be reused, specific decreases in the number of gallons of fuel burned per hundred miles driven (rather specific increases in MPG) and allow me to trade in my old car.
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