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Fuel Injection Service
Is it ever really needed? Dealers are always trying to sell the $159 fuel injection service and recommend it every 15,000 miles. Seems kind of steep to do that often. The service consists of a $75 par...
5 years ago 5
GM Ordered New Switches Months Before It Told Regulators About Issue: WSJ
GM Ordered New Switches Months Before It Told Regulators About Issue: WSJ
5 years ago
Help! Lemee Outa Here.
Is it just me, or does this make no sense to others here? For the last couple of months when following SWMBO's car at night I noticed that one end of the illuminated red panel across the trunk lid of ...
5 years ago 2
How do I identify old Camero engine code number?
I have an antique vehicle which had a Camero engine put into it. The engine is from the early 1970s. It needs a carburetor, so I need to identify what carb to get for it. There must be a number (code)...
5 years ago 13
will thermawelld work to seal headgasket on 99 cad. northstae engine
I have a 99 Cadillac deville with 68000 miles, the head gasket is leaking, after researching this problem, I find it is very common on the northstar engine from 97 to 2004 when they finally fixed the ...
5 years ago 2
Power steering fluid leak
where it's coming from. Need advice. FredT Hose it all down with cleaner. Then dust with talc or flour. Start engine, look for wet spot. Likely spots, hose ends, rusted through steel lines, cooler lin...
5 years ago 2
GM help site as defective as the switches, feds say
This from the folks that gave us the Obamacare site GM help site as defective as the switches, feds say
5 years ago
2004 malibu maxx transmiSsion fluid type ?
Parts store said check stick. Dextrin 3 or 6 .? and you couldn't look? Dexron VI wasn't used until 2006, your car came with Dexron III GW News flash No dipstick on these cars to check. Newer Dexron wo...
5 years ago 2
buick3.8 with 23.000 miles burns 2 1/2 quarts of oil in 2000 miles
buick with 3.8 engine burns 2 1/2 quarts of oil in 2500 miles, no smoke, engine runs good , tail pipe is oiley, so whats rong with this engine , no leaks Bad rings, Bad valve stem seals, Issues with t...
5 years ago 2
My light went out in my 2003 Buick Centry and the guy say I need a dal module
I heard the chime as I drove didn't know what it was then my head light went take to the guy he say I need a day running light module I call the store and the guys said that buick did nt make one for ...
5 years ago 4
Possibly OT since not GM Empty car convoy
I thought that even since it is not GM that any auto enthusiest may like this. Awesome car ads are not uncommon, but awesome car ads that demonstrate safety features?well, those don't pop up every day...
5 years ago
Are there any recent GM cars that have NOT been recalled?
5 years ago
GM CEO: Company did not cover up recall problems
NOT! GM CEO: Company did not cover up recall problems
5 years ago
what ford owners receive money for gas mileage inaccuracy?
Just want to know what ford owners will receive financial reimbursement for wrong mileage estimates. Thanx. Great question to ask on a GM group. My suggestion is that you learn about newsgroups and fi...
5 years ago 1
2002 Sunfire 2dr rear quarter panel glass remove and replace
Can anyone give me instructions/hints on this project? Is glass glued in or just held with rubber gaskets? Price for new glass installed at glass shop is beyond my means right now. Will go with used g...
5 years ago 1