98 civic ac compressor

Hi there,
My 98 civic AC recently ~suddenly~ started blowing warm air. Fortunately it is late in the year and I don't need my AC right now. However, I'm thinking
I would like to address the issue now before the snow flies.
If you have been following my recent threads, you would read about my recent brake woes, and how replacing one caliper had me end up in the ditch with my car after testing out the brakes at highway speed.
Now I am kinda wondering if that incident could have been the catalyst for this failure, or if its a coincidence. Are there any wires exposed on the underside of the car that could have been pulled out? I have done an inspection of the system, and I cannot find any damage.
I am assuming that if it was a leak issue that the problem would have manifested itself over several weeks or months, with slowly but surely warmer air coming out of the vents. Thats not the way this happened, it seems to have happened all at once.
Symptoms are as follows:
I turn on the AC and the condensor fan immediately turns on. However, no 'CLICK' from the compressor, and also no fluctuation in RPM or changes here to indicate a load on the system.
Is there a way to jump the solenoid on the clutch to see if the relay is bad? Any other good methods to test this? What else should I do?
Thanks for your input.
Terry in Winnipeg.
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