99 accord v6 surges when moving from a complete stop.

There is a lot of good advice that I have read for a long time and would appreciate any help I can get with this problem. When I am
driving and I come to a stop sign or a red light Iíll come to a complete stop. When I push on the gas I kind of jerk back and the engine "jumps". Last time it happened I was paying attention to the rpms. Normaly it goes from 750 to about 1500-1750 and shifts. When this happens it goes from 750 to 2000 and when the rpms drop back down they drop back down to 2000. It doesnít I guess catch back up to where it should be until I get to about 55 mph. I know this sounds weird and it is hard to explain. It doesnít happen everytime I drive. It happens once every couple of days. Currently I have no check engine light on because I just replaced the battery and I just had the 105k maintenance done. I have taken it to the dealership and they said they donít see anything that is wrong with it. Previously I had the check engine light on and I was advised to get a Honda gas cap. I purchased one and it came back on again. They said it was a "soft" code and it is nothing to worry about. I hope my description of everything can help answer my questions. Any info would be much appreciated.
Thanks Dylan
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