heat, radio, intake...problems

I own a 1991 Honda Accord LX and I recently left my oil cap off (I know...careless but in a hurry) and i took it to the shop to get my
oil changed and to get a new cap. Another person that works behind them cleaned my hood off for me to get the excess oil off so I wouldn’t smell it anymore. Ok, logically wouldn’t he have powerwashed the hood if it only took him like 5 mins to do? My point is that now my car’s radio has stopped working, the lights where the AC controls are (fan speed, cool to hot) lights are going from bright to dim and my heater is not as warm. It used to heat up right away and now it’s blowing out cold air for a while before it gets hot. I had the oil cleaned up on Wed. Everything worked Saturday, then by tuesday after not driving the car since Sat. all that is messed up. Not to mention it is sucking in air again like it was before I had the intake manifold gasket repaired and a hose near the radiator replaced. It wasn’t doing this until Tuesday as well. What do you think? Is it possible that he got stuff wet that shouldn’t have been wet or are things things probably not related? I’m good about keeping the maintenance up on my car so for all of this to happen at once right after I had this done is weird.
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