Re: Does it pay to keep a 91 Accord?

I bought it used and it now has 92,000 miles and it got somewhat flooded a few weeks back (about 3" of water in the driver side) from
sitting in a flooded parking lot for a few hourse. I replaced the computer and it is now fine but there are lots of nagging little problems. There is quite a bit of rust around the wheel wells; I haven't seen an Accord of this year without rust in the same places.
The shift (automatic) is sometimes balky being pulled out of park but otherwise appears to be fine. I have no complaints about the engine. I've done pretty regular oil changes.
The front end shakes at 55-60mph, which I guess means it needs to be aligned. There is clicking during left turns, axle perhaps? The CV boots are ok. Those are the mechanical problems that I know of. And it's due for a big Honda checkup, likely around $300 or so.
Water leaks into the trunk when I open it up, flowing down from the driver side taillight. The locks need to be re-keyed to fit the ignition lock or someday the Viper clicky will die and I won't be able to get in (I have changed the battery). The radio is still a cassette. The antenna valiently tries to lower but no longer does so.
I was thinking that perhaps $1000 - $1500 might fix all the problems, but I'd hate to do that and find out that there is something major coming up. Timing belt was done around 60,000 or so.
Perhaps it's just time to sell it to my mechanic and get a Fit or used Civic or something? It's been so reliable that I hate giving it up. considering the mileage and work needed if it were my vehicle i would sell it and get what i can. and look at something newer just keep in mind that nothing lasts forever that saying not only applieys to Humans but cars as well and sooner or later there will come a time when you need to get rid of it. why not now?

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