remote ignition on hond accord

Hi All:
I have a 2006 LX-V6 Accord which I am loving!
I've had a local, very reputable stereo/alarm shop (not Best Buy) to install remote ignition for me. I had asked my Honda dealer to do it
but they indicated that Honda dealerships cannot install remote ignition.
The remote ignition works but with a couple of limitations that I don't really like. The stereo shop has explained to me that the limitations are due to the way the Accord's built in security system works.
The limitations are this:
1) On the Avital remote ignition keyfob, to remotely start the car, I must first press the unlock button on the control and then perform the start (press lock and unlock at same time). If I don't want to leave the door unlocked while the car warms, I must then hit the lock button again and unlock it when I come to the car. If I forget to unlock the car before the remote start, the alarm sounds LOUDLY for two minutes until it times out. Since I live in an apartment, this is pretty annoying for neighbors if I happen to forget.
2) This problem is the worst one to me. The keys that come with the Accord have a remote built into them. So, I have the Honda Key and then the Avital remote ignition keyfob on the same chain. If I go somewhere and lock the car with say the Honda key, and then come back to the car and unlock it with the Avital remote, the 2 minute alarm sounds again.
Are there anyways to overcome this problem? What exactly about the theft deterrent system is causing this? Although these two things seem simple enough, its incredibly easy to forget and the stress of trying to make sure of avoiding setting off the alarm is outweighing the convenience of remote igntion to me.
Anyone had any remote ignition experiences with the newer Hondas? If the sound shop cannot get these limitations fixed, I think I'm going to get them to remove the remote ignition kit even though it isn't there fault. Its just too easy to set the alarm off and even worse, I haven't been able to figure out how to turn the alarm off once it sounds other than to wait for it to time out at 2 minutes which is terrible!
Any thoughts?
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