2001 elantra brakes squeak; also ticking noise

My brakes squeak really loud when I press on the brake. It usually
squeaks with light pressure, like when I?m in traffic. It is really
bad in the morning and it used to get better, but now it seems to
happen all the time. :?
I also have an unusual ticking noise that has persisted now for at
least a few months. It usually happens after I?ve been driving for a
while and is the most noticeable when I drive slow. It sounds like
it?s coming from the driver?s side. I have taken the car in for this
before, and the mechanic says they don?t hear anything (probably
because it does not do this for the first 5-10 minutes of driving).
The mechanic has also said that the brakes squeaking is normal, but I
don?t think it is because it does this a lot.
Please let me know what you think this is from and how it can be
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Hi there,
My brakes do that occasionally (in a 97 Lantra). In my case, the disk pads aren't evenly worn, because they picked up some grit / sand and wore a groove into the disc. Nothing unsafe about it, just causes a bit of noise now and again. Probably a good way to find out whats going on is go to a mechanic, get the car up on a hoist, and get the wheels off and have a good look. The disc will probably give you a good idea of whats causing the sound, or at least, to the trained eye.
As for the ticking, check the oil. If the car is low on oil, the tappets can get clagged up and make a god awful ticking sound.
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As far as the squeaking noise goes, if you've had it professionally checked and the mechanic says it's normal, it probably is. Brake pad material plays a large part in brake noise.
For the ticking, I'd specify how and for how long the vehicle must be driven for the noise to be present. Or, I'd ask to have a mechanic ride with me when I came in for service (with the noise occurring) so the mechanic knows what he's looking for.
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