2006 Hyundai Sonata vs Kia Optima

So what are the real differences between the 2006 Hyundai Sonata and the 2006 Kia Optima? (specifically a GLS vs a Optima EX 4-cylinder.) The Kia dealer didn't have a clue, the Hyundai dealer thought that the 2006 Kia body was based on the 2005 Sonata. The interiors seem identical. Thanks -
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Yes, I believe the Hyundai dealer is correct, that the Optima is based on the previous series Sonatat. The engines, etc. seem to back that up.
But I also think that means that a re-design on the Optima is not far behind. And before that hits, some great deals on the way for the Optima, maybe next Summer.
Green Valley Giant
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Rev. Tom Wenndt

un-brilliant prediction & nostagia of cohenac:
eventually, the hyundai & kia will be akin to olds & buick & pontiac & chevy & cadillac (yeah, i heard that olds is a bye, bye)
in-that there's going to be more similarities & inter-changeables within the family/corporation
as the production lines are up-graded & re-tooled
i'm also thinking of how much the dodge, plymouth, and chrysler cars were alike (yeah, i heard plymouth is bye, bye too)
helle, i recall the desoto, sponsor of groucho's YOU BET YOUR LIFE a la:
"the car for you in '52 is the deliteful, deluvly, de-soto," as sung to the ole tune of
"deliteful, de-luvly" or close enuff
also there were
studebaker (neighbor had it right after ww II) packard (looked-at in show room, maybe rode-in one a time or two) jeep (whatever happened? su..v ..vat-is-that?) amc gremlin (now sorta delivers mail) plymouth barracudda (now at seaworld as "drift-metal") crosley (cincinnati's amazin compact forebearer) hudson (next door neighbor's 1940s ugly car) fiat (for some obscure reason, there's still quite a few in italy)
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Robert Cohen

Details are just starting to come out on the next generation Optima. It is about a year behind the 2006 Sonata. Just saw my first uncamoflaged image of the next Optima today. You can see it here:
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My understanding is that the Optima may be about $1,000 less than the Sonata, slightly shorter, tuned to be sportier, and will offer manual shift with the V6. I wonder how much more hp they can ring out of the new 3.3 liter Lambda engine as the 235 in my 2006 Sonata GLS is very nice and even with ESP squeals the front tires on this fwd car easily. Otherwise it will offer similar standard features to the Sonata including head curtain airbags, ESP, active headrests, and ABS.
GeoUSA, moderator HyundaiExchange/KiaExchange,
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In article ,
The above is a photo of the Magentis, not the Optima. The Magentis, BTW, is Kia's analogue to the Sonata. It will be interesting to see how much they have in common.
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Tim Lapin

In the Wednesday, August 10 edition of the LA Times, Pulitzer Prize winning automotive writer, Dan Neil, reviewed the Hyundai Sonata as compared to the Honda Accord. Neil is an excellent, if smart-assed writer, and this particular column is quite enjoyable. Despite taking some shots from Neil, the Sonata comes out all right with more pros than cons.
I love his line describing the plastic Burlwood trim on the dash... "....and faux wood culled from the Mattel forests"
Here's the link to the article.
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