Car pulls to left on acceleration

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L All Wheel Drive.
When I am riding along at 30, 40, or 50 MPH or so, and I step on the
accelerator, the vehicle pulls to the left slightly. When I take my foot
off the accelerator, it returns to normal with no pulling to either side.
At first, I wondered if it was a motor mount issue. But, when the car is
sitting still in neutral and I step on the accelerator, there is no sense
that the motor shifts like it would with a loose motor mount.
I have a hunch that the pulling to the left may be due to an issue with the
AWD Traction Control System -- something about a speed sensor on one of the
Am I on the right track about this? Or, can anyone suggest other possible
causes for this symptom?
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Torque steer is common. I don't know how bad yours is but this will give you a good explanation.
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Ed Pawlowski
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Thanks Ed. Interesting article. I'll have to check out the tire question etc. to see if I can narrow down what is causing this in my case.
If I figure it out, I'll post a follow-up here.
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You may have worn ball joints or tie-rod ends. Tie-rod ends are easy to check for looseness or play. Ball joints are much more difficult to detect unless they're really worn out.
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Thanks. I lucked out on this and it's fixed. I took the car to a Pep Boys store for a different (cooling system) issue and had them check out the front end while there. They said the problem with the front end a loose bolt or bolts. I was in a hurry when leaving so I didn't quite get where the loose bolt or bolts was/were. But they might have said the tie rod ends. Anyway, they tightened the loose bolt/bolts, and now everything works fine. Total cost -- 20 bucks.
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