Can't find heater core hoses -- 2004 Santa Fe 3.5L

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L AWD.
I want to "back flush" the heater core, but I can't find the hoses that go
to the heater core. I can only see the main radiator hoses that go in and
out of the radiator.
If I take out the thermostat, is there a way for me to back flush the heater
core by just using the large radiator hoses?
If so, I assume that the return hose at the top of the radiator would be the
one that I would use to back flush the heater core -- since I think that
would be a way to reverse the flow through the system.
Am I right about that?
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On my Sonata with the 4 CYL., the hoses are on the back of the engine, and attach to the bottom of the firewall. They are coiled, to allow for movement, I suppose.
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Kirk Matheson
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Thanks. I'll try looking for the hoses underneath the back of the engine.
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