Hyundai Sonata Fuel system

My Hyundai Sonata 3.3L will not start until it has been cranking for a while, I
tested the fuel pump and it pumps 53 lbs as the book says it
should. The book refers this problem back to the PCM for a prepurge, could it be
any other problem before I spend money to have the PCM
replaced at the dealer?
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Could be the fuel pump. How much does the pressure bleed down if left off 15 minutes or so?
Don't assume it's the PCM even if the fuel pump is not the problem. Could be a host of issues.
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Try cranking after 2-3 seconds with key ON, may be the fuel needs to reach the right pressure in system. If so the engine starts regularly may be a there is a loss in a non-return valve.
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