98 rodeo auto transmission symptoms

Hi! I’m new. My truck has done this before but not in a long time (year or more) and now it is intermittent with seemingly no reason that I can tell.
while going up or down in gears, the 2nd gear slips while going up, it slips and there is a ’clunk’ as if something is dropping and a loss of power momentarily. while shifting down, in 2nd there is a grinding
it only seems to happen in 2nd and not every day. do i need to replace the tranny? do you recommend used or new and what should I expect to pay. I don’t know if my engine light has come on, because it is always on....I know, what an idiot...it has something to do with the sensor being too sensitive. I have a friend with a car lot, I will try to go in there and have it read for issues!
I intend to keep this truck as long as possible...I love it and have spent more than twice what it is worth on other engine issues ...I have to get my money’s worth now :) In every other way, she is running great now, has new tires, brakes and shocks...good to go!
Thanks a ton! enero
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