99 Trooper wont idle

I have a 99 trooper with an idle problem. Codes were being thrown for the rear O2 sensors and then for the MAF sensor. It would die at stop
lights and sometimes even on the highway when I took my foot off the gas. Initially it was occasional and then got progressively worse. It has 100k so I went ahead and replaced O2 sensors. No help. I replaced the MAF, which SEEMED to help but the problem returned. I found that resetting the computer (which I did during the MAF replacement by disconnecting the battery for a while) fixed the problem for a day or two and then at some point I would try to start it and it would be unable to idle. Sooo I am thinking that the sensors themselves are fine, but reporting a problem in the mixture and trying with all their might to correct the problem but failing. I am thinking there is an air leak in the intake somewhere, most likely at the intake manifold gaskets, which are notorious for cracking on Rodeos, and I assume Troopers as well. (I have a 98 Rodeo that had this problem but the symptoms were never so bad that it wouldnt idle. Replacing the gaskets was a major @#$@!$ pain.)
Has anyone experienced (and conquered?) similar demons? Anyone think Im off base with the intake leak?
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