Honda Passport - "Power" and "Winter" drive switches

I think I've asked this question before; but what exactly are the POWER
DRIVE and WINTER DRIVE switches for in this vehicle. What exactly do they
do in terms of transmission operation?
Also, in my 1995 Passport, the WINTER DRIVE switch works intermittently and
only on very rainy or snowy days, leading me to believe that there is some
sensor in play here. Is this true?
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Winter makes the transmission start off in 3rd gear.... which is actually quite bad for it, especially if you gun it real hard.... can cause temps to get really high really quick. Power mode just extends the shift point... you'd get the same basic effect by pressing harder on the accelerator.
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Jafir Elkurd
I have owned a 95 Passport for years and never used the Winter switch. so I looked it up in my manual. This is part of what it says:
The WINTER mode is deacativated when the vehicle reaches approximately 30km or 19 mph, when transmission is shifted into any position other than D, by pushing the WINTER button again or by turning off the ignition.
Operation of the WINTER mode should be limited to slippery road conditions only....
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Charlie S
53,000 miles on my wife's '96 Passport when it was traded in May. We NEVER used these buttons, which are adequately explained in others' postings here. They even quit working for a while, because the wiring harness to the buttons came loose. The dealer traced that down while under warranty; it is a miracle that we even noticed.
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I'd be curious to know how the Rodeo line has evolved with respect to the power mode option compared to the Trooper's... Our 94 Trooper is as you describe for power mode - only extends the shift points during acceleration, doesn't make a whole lot of difference. However, on the 02 Trooper with the 3.5 v6, it is a very noticeable difference - shift points are extended, but the big difference I notice is that it will downshift under hard acceleration much more quickly. The 94 only seems to affect the upshift schedules. Makes a big difference when you're towing a travel trailer!
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