Need Accurate Wiring Diagram for 1967 Jeep CJ-5 with 225 V6

I need an accurate, complete wiring diagram for a 1967 Jeep CJ-5 with the 225 cubic inch V6 engine.
At least 1 diagram I have in a Chiltons book is not accurate and I
don't trust it (it does not show, for example, that the solenoid in the starter motor can bypass or short out the ignition ballast resistor).
What I need the very most, and if you know about this please, please email me, is the wiring diagram for the connections between the transistorized voltage regulator and the alternator.
Someone cut off the connector on the end of the wiring harness that connects from the alternator to the voltage regulator, so I particularly need to know which alternator terminals connect to which wires (the wires are colored red, brown, and green coming out of the voltage regulator) of the voltage regulator.
It would help a lot if the terminals on the alternator were labelled such as "ground", "stator neutral", "battery", etc, whatever they happen to be called.
It is mostly the charging system I need diagrammed, so it would also help to have an accurate diagram of the "alternator/charging" light and its circuit.
Please note that there are only 3 wires coming out of my voltage regulator and that its case is not connected to anything, so any diagram showing anything more than 3 connections to the voltage regulator is wrong. It is not even grounded through its case to the body. I've been using it on a fiberglass body for 25 years without a problem so I know that for sure.
I don't really need other info such as the wiring for the headlights, horn, etc, but if it is in the diagram, it would not hurt.
I don't need it badly, but it would be great if there was included a diagram of the internals of the alternator (showing the diodes, field coil, etc) and especially of the circuit of the transistorized voltage regulator.
Probably, this charging circuit is not exclusive to my Jeep and is probably used identically or very close in many other cars.
I have the official Kaiser parts book and it lists 3 alternators for my Jeep. They are all Motorola alternators and vary only it seems by how many amps they can put out. The 3 Motorola models that can be used are, per the parts book:
A12NW526 35 amps
A12NW554S 40 amps
A12NW602 55 amps
I got a replacement alternator at Autozone and what they supplied was a Duralast DL 7091.
I got a replacement solid state voltage regulator at NAPA and what they supplied was an Echlin VR1003.
Thanks very, very much for any help.
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