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Run from any Kia product.
Just read some of the Kia forums and then run quickly away from any Kia product. They are worthless I mean they are unfit to be driven anywhere on this Earth. Gee, I wish a smart guy like you would...
11 years ago 6
Friends don't
Friends don't let friends buy Kia products.
11 years ago
How to test the Ignation Coil ?
Hi all I have this Kia Pride LX 1999 model. It was running fine but with some electrical defect. Yesterday morning I tried to start but it wouldn't. I checked the spark at the HT wire going into...
11 years ago 1
05 Sedona Head Light Bulb
How do you get the headlight assy out to change the bulbs? You don't remove the assembly. Inside the hood, in front of the radiator are the headlight assembly dust covers. On the passenger's side, you...
11 years ago 13
2009 Optima
I have been watching the news car ads in the paper recently. I have seen ads from various KIA dealers but not a single one of them have advertised the Optima. Has KIA discontuued the Optima? Joe...
11 years ago 8
Car rearview camera
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11 years ago
Any opinion about it?
11 years ago
'06 Rio 5 Battery issues
Hi there, my '06 Rio has a freaky battery problem. I've seen others on different forums mentioning similar problems, but never seen a "fix". Here's what's been happening. Summertime; sitting in a...
11 years ago 8
2008 Optima Rants & Raves Thread: LX/EX 4cyl/6cyl The Floor is Yours!
I'm about to take ownership of an '08, one of several I test drove. Since I haven't seen anything written about this generation - save a quick blurb about an '07 needing fuel system service, I figure...
11 years ago 1
Kia Soul
Once again, car companies just don't get it!!!! Kia is introducing the Soul, a little Smartcar 'want to be' and it gets a whopping 30 mpg!!!!! JFA!!!! What are they thinking???? That little thing...
11 years ago 4
Opinions requested from Sedona owners
We are looking to replace our 10-year old Toyota Sienna and are interested in considering Kia Sedona. We will be buying a new vehicle, so it would be 2008 Sedona. Everything we have read on the...
11 years ago 8
2006 Sportage fog light bulb
My wife's 2006 Sportage has a burnt out fog light. I've got the Kia part number (#1864935009). Haven't disassembled the underside splash pad to get at the bulb yet so I'm not sure of the exact looks...
11 years ago 9
Sportage 4WD vacuum
Had some problems with my 01 Sportage 4WD engaging during the first snow. It would engage sporadically, sometimes with a loud click. The problem turned out to be cracked vacuum hoses (both sides)...
11 years ago
Hi has anybody got a printout of the items that are serviced / replace for a kia rio 20 thou miles (56 model diesel 1500cc) - the garage I took my car to are being a bit shady about the work they have...
11 years ago
'04 Sedona Fan - Noisy
Out of nowhere, my '04 Sedona has started making a HUGE hum, especially on the two higher speeds. My first inclination was the fan motor itself going bad, but there is virtually no air coming through...
11 years ago 3