Next-Generation Lexus ES Rumors

Next-Generation Lexus ES Rumors
Posted by krew on January 3rd, 2012
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Some interesting rumors about the next-generation Lexus ES have come from an
unlikely source - GM Authority has reportedly talked with "a well connected
auto industry executive" who claims that the new ES will make the Buick
LaCrosse "laughable" as a luxury car.
Some other details:
The next-gen ES will be wider and longer than the current model,
which is nearly seven inches shorter than the LaCrosse. In that regard, the
Lexus will be catching up to the Buick. But.
The next-gen ES will be the quietest car Lexus has ever made -
something Buick's Quiet Tuning won't be able to "hold a candle to". And then
there was this.
The next-gen ES will offer Hybrid Synergy Drive full-hybrid
technology and achieve fuel economy in the high 40s on the highway and even
better in the city. "The eAssist stuff won't even come close".
Each one of these points sounds entirely plausible, and makes for an
interesting thought - if the new ES is set to grow in size and become the
quietest Lexus ever made, just imagine what Lexus has planned for the
next-generation LS.
(One other thing I've heard repeatably about the new ES is that it has a
"stunning" exterior design.)
[Source: GM Authority]
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