1.4L Astra F loosing coolant

I have a 1992 1.4L Opel Astra with almost 172,000 miles on clock.
During a routine check two weeks ago, I noticed that coolant was
missing from the expansion tank. It took half a pint to bring it back
up to the correct level. On closer inspection, I noticed that there
was around two eggcupfuls of a red watery liquid in one of the cast
crevices on the gearbox near the engine block and under the 'T'
connection that joins the pipe from the expansion tank to the rest of
the coolant plumbing. However, the coolant is clear, so I don't know
what this red liquid is. I cleaned it all up and checked everything
again after 270 miles. There was another quarter pint of coolant
missing from the tank and around an eggcupful of this red liquid.
There are no misfires, or gurgling sounds in the heater matrix, so I
hope it's not a head gasket, as this was changed 25,000 miles ago
(with skimming).
Any ideas on what might be happening?
Thanks in advance,
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