UK Ford Sync3 Sat Nav Nap update

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I've just updated the inbuilt Sat Nav maps on my Ford Focus 2017 from the Ford Sync3 update site.
You have to type in your VIN number and if you haven’t already done it update Sync3 to Verion3 and confirm the update. I believe that the maps need Sync3 V3.
I did the sync3 update a few months ago as detailed: /#!search/alan_m$20sync3/
You may have to confirm that you have upgraded on the Ford Sync3 update site before being told that there is a map update.
When I re-visited the site with my VIN number it told me that there was a map update.
The update is around 20Gbytes and it took around two hour to transfer from the Ford site.
You will need a 32G USB stick formatted as exFAT.
Unzip the content of the downloaded zip file and transfer it to the root of the USB stick
You should have at the top level on the USB stick the files/directory: autoinstall.1st DONTINDEX.MSA and a directory/folder SyncMyRide
In SyncMyRide there will be 4 off xxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz files.
The used space on the USB stick should be around 20.5Gbytes
In the car go to the Sync3 settings and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth and remove any USB devices in both of the two USB slots.
Turn Off the ignition and open the drivers door – this will shut down Sync3. Insert the USB stick with the map update.
WARNING for the next step(s) you need to leave the car running for maybe 2 HOURS. My update took just over 1.5 hours. The update is a 2 stage process with a driver intervention required around half way through. The SatNav display and radio will continue to work if you want to drive around while the update is happening
Switch on the engine. After a short while you should see a one line message at the top of the screen saying the update is in progress. This short period before the reporting may be upto 10/15 minutes so don’t panic if it doesn’t appear immediately.
After around 45 minutes an information message will appeared indicating that stage 1 of the upgrade is complete and to restart the car when safe and convenient to do so. I turned off the ignition and opened the drivers door (to shut Sync 3) before restarting the engine.
After a short while you should see a one line message at the top of the screen saying the update is in progress. After another 45 minutes another message appears indicating that the update is complete and to remove the USB stick. The update will be fully complete on the next restart of the car.
My Sync 3 now reports Navigation maps version F7
F7 seems to be 2017 whereas previously my 2017 vehicle was supplied with 2014 maps.
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