Finally bought a Miata

I did what I have been wanting to do for years, bought a '92 Miata
yesterday, a family fun car, and it looks like it will be tons of fun.
The plan is to keep it on the street but add performance accesories to it
gradually and maybe get involved in Spec Miata.
The best part of the day was when my two older boys, 17 and 15, who had
been telling me that Miatas were "chick cars" drove the newly acquired
car. The grins were almost instantaneous and they went from ear to ear.
Dad, still, is always right ;-)
Anyway, here is my first question, the car had been sitting for a while
and the battery is a little shaky. Can the AGM battery be trickle charged
like any other wet cell battery? Are there any special considerations?
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The way to go. :)
You may want to check what you can and cannot do for Spec Miata before modding. IIRC, it was fairly limited.
Watch the keys. ;)
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Leon van Dommelen

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