I FINALLY bought a Miata !!!!

Well, after 3 months of searching, I finally took the plunge and picked up a
beautiful 97 green Miata!
It's an "M" model, and it's hard to tell from new! The leather doesn't
have a crack, or crease in it, and the paint is flawless. 49,000 miles and
a fresh set of Falken tires mounted on factory chrome 15" rims.
MAN these things are a blast to drive!
I really had my heart set on getting an NB, mostly because of the
headlights, STEERING WHEEL and the dash layout. But, after I drove this
one, I had to have it.
zoom zoom !
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Better with a 97 Mazda Miata than a 1999+ Ford Miata, IMHO. Welcome to the club, now you'll realize that the Miata is terrible on gas, not because of the fuel mileage, but because of the ridiculous reasons you will find to "run errands". Enjoy!
Tom 92 Red
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Tom Howlin
Now Tom, be nice. My '99 is a perfectly fine Miata.
Ford has owned a slowly rising percentage of Mazda for years, and I can't think of much they've done wrong (except not using Mazda's lovely 3-liter in their new Ford sedan).
Most of the parts on the two series are quite similar, at least under the skin. The worst problem I can see is the ever-enlarging wheels, which is a marketing trend I don't think Mazda could have ignored, even though my 14" rims work perfectly well and weigh a lot less.
Joe Silver '99
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In article , Tom Howlin wrote:
Pay no attention to those NA zealots! Let them console themselves any way they can ;-)
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Why do we make ourselves wait so long, anyway?
When I bought my '96 last April, it had 5,000 miles per year on it. Since late April, I've put 8,000 miles on it.
Yes, it is a blast to drive!
Enjoy it. I'm leaving in a few minutes to add some more miles to mine...
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The Millers
You made the right choice in the end, as I figured you would. Congratulations! And, welcome to the club.
Regards, H.
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In article , snipped-for-privacy@Horrmell.com says...
Well, it's about time! People were starting to talk.
And you don't so much drive it as put it on and wear it. It's a very organic experience.
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Dave Christian
I had to re-read that.... I thought you said "orgasmic experience " :) .......... Almost!
Well, I came about a signature away from a RED 99 a couple months ago.... Even drove to California (from Vegas) to check it out, but I got cold feet when I caught the guy in a lie about it never having any bodywork done, when I could see fresh red paint under the hood, and a misaligned bumper..
I don't even MIND so much if a car had some work on it, if it's done right, etc. but I worried that if he was lying about that, what ELSE was he lying about that I couldn't see. Also, it was dark, and 9:30 at night so I couldn't *really* check it out .
Anyway, I'm VERY pleased with my new baby. Drove it all over town today with the top down. (it's still around 80 degrees here during the day )
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