Smoke after spark plug change

First post so if I waffle, bear with me! We have just had our spark plugs
changed and she drove back fine from the garage but on starting her this
morning, plumes of smoke bellowed from the exhaust, smelt a little like
something was burning. We also just changed the oil and filter the day
before..... have the spark plugs been put in incorrectly, threaded
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I don't know anything about plugs but could it be that you put to much oil on the car?
Kind regards Bruno
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Hi again
Thanks for your suggestions, she threw out smoke for a good few miles until she had warmed up a bit then it let up, and shes been less smokey from cold today. Weve checked the plugs and they are all fine (thank goodness), apparently it could possibly be the cat which isnt too bad as we wanted to de-cat anyway in the fullness of time, we will keep an eye on it and ill let you know of any developments...
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I have to wonder if there is a leak in the valve cover gasket that left oil in one of the spark plug wells....mine was the back one.
It could be that when the mechanic removed the spark plug on that cylinder, the oil in that well went into the cylinder? Just a wild guess. You could pull each of the plug wires and see if one is all full of oil to confirm my guess.
I am also thinking that the smoke has stopped already after a fairly short time.
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Now wait just a little. How in the world would oil from a leak in the valve cover around the spark plug make it's way around the spark plug seal, down the threads and into the cyl. chamber ??? Now if you said it shorted out the plug, I would go along. Unless the plug is loose, there just "ain't" no way to do that.
I guess he better go tighten up all the plugs ?????
Bruce Bing '03 LS
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Why were the plugs changed? (Symptoms, or just mileage?)
The plug well was full of oil when the old plug was pulled? (I would think that even a short period of operation would burn the oil off.) Somehow oil got/is getting into the intake, perhaps via the cam cover vent hoses? (If the PCV valve is sticking, oil might make it into the intake.)
The plug or plug wire is loose? (The Engine should run rough) A plug wire is bad? (Might be due to pulling on the wire to change the plugs) (The Engine should run rough at times)
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I have had this happen after changing the spark plugs. I attributed it to excessive anti-seize compound I put on the spark plug threads before insertion. A quick run at high RPMs alleviated the smoke and smell.
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Excessive smoke caused by oil in the well. In addition my #2 plug wire was loose at the rail. Problem solved. Thanks.
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