2000 Mazda Protege Check Engine Light Problem

HI all
Have a 00 Protege DX with 1.6L 5 Spd
The check engine light come on once and weel
I have a cheap scanner tool that says P1170 Code
I look up the code and It says O2 Sendor But the car has two which one could
it be And I also Check the heat side of both O2 sensors and It looks like 3
Omns. Is that right cold of cousre. Is there any thing more I can test
The car runs good and gets good gas mileage. But the tail pipe looks a
little sutty Black not bad but a little carbon.
any help would be great full
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Eddie DeStafney
The Code should tell you which 02 sensor it is.. But you can also test the 02 sensor by hooking it up to your ohm meter and measuring the voltage from the sending wire of the 02 sensor, not the heat side. Bring the car up to temperature and the voltage should jump from .2something to .9something continuously, if the voltage stays constant then you know that 02 sensor is not functioning properly and should be replaced!
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Seems a little early for an O2 sensor to go. Before changing anything, I would carefully inspect the connectors going to the sensors. Even the best car companies can have a contact seating problem that can be easily fixed with a pair of needle nose pliers (like the fan connector for my '90 Miata).
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