'98 500SL - conversion and Wheels

I was hoping to get some help with my 500SL (1998) I am currently in the process of upgrading, or rather updating its look to a 2002 500SL AMG -
and it's going well. There are just a couple of questions I wanted some advice on.
Is it possible to have those dashboard gauge rings from the '02 on the '98 SL? I am up to just taking it apart and gluing them on, but they are not available by themselves, and I don't really want to replace the whole dash. R there any other options?
Is there a switch that I can install to make the top fully automatic? (Like the windows, one touch express. So I am lazy, who knew? :D)
I am looking for a set of Mercedes rims, style isn't particularly important yet - I am open to looking at all styles, so long as they are original Mercedes, 18"+. But, I don't know much about rims. Can used rims be in really bad shape, or is a visual inspection the only thing I can do? I don't want to order them from a dealer (as I have pretty much everything else) as they are VERY expensive - is there a cheaper way? And does anyone know the largest size I can go? The dealer says 18 but they are always conservative. (They could not give me an exact answer)
And finally, could anyone offer some help on dismantling the rear light assembly - lights, electrics, and the outer body casing (that's the part I have to replace). It's something that has to be done right - and I am concerned about making all the seals are purrrfect.
Next: Two problems:
1. How can I make sure the softop mechanism stays silent? I've owned older soft top models, and a few of the newer ones (early 90's) tend to squeak and such both during raising/lowering and while driving when the roof is up.
2. I have a rattle that sounds like it comes from (what I think) is the base of the transmission. It always occurs during lighter acceleration (maybe I can't hear it during harder acceleration) always around 1500rpm between 30-50km/h...and goes away after that. It's not the wheels, and it isn't the engine (no constant rattle, no rattle at varying RPM while in Park.) Help.
Thanks for reading all of this! Long I know, but I wanna do this right. I look forward to hearing from you!
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