About the 7.5" axle

I'm getting tired of looking for a reasonable 8.8" axle and finding
$1000 deals on what appear to be unknown crap. For $1400 I can get a
brand spankin new one.
I'm reading that the 7.5 is good up to 400 hp. Well, that does seem like
a lot of horse power, something my v6 will never put out.
I'm looking for 3.73 gears and I'm willing to put in an 8.8" axle. I'm
always being told that I'm likely to break my 7.5" if I put in 3.73
So after that blurb, assuming I put in 3.73 gears, my question is, what
breaks on the 7.5" axle? The gears? The axle shafts? The pumpkin? What
is the weak link?
I've found nothing on the web on this. All I see is a lot of "I've see a
ton of 7.5's broken..." and such. Lot's of talk, no examples.
I have a 2009 v6 vert, auto trans, GT exhaust take-offs, cold air
intake, and an SCT tune. That's probably the end of power train mods for
me. If I wish real hard I might be getting 240 hp. Will I break mine if
I stomp on it now and then with 3.73's?
Thanks for reading.
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On Mon, 24 Jun 2013 13:21:27 -0400, twk wrote:
This is just my gut talking...... If you had a manual transmission and were launching by dumping the clutch at 4000 rpm it would be a worry, but with the Automatic you aren't going to get that kind of shock load so I don't think you will see a problem. So assuming it's been ok now, the only thing I can see the 3.73 possibly causing to break would be the axle shafts, those are the parts that will be mostly getting any additional load from the ratio change. But my gut says nothing will break since you are running an auto. And if you didn't abuse it, probably nothing would break with a manual.
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Ashton Crusher
My experience with 7.5" Ford differentials is like yours: I had one, wished it was 8.8", and had no difficulties with it, but was apprehensive about its durability, which seemed to be questionable based on I-net readings.
My belief is that a properly-installed set of 3.73 gears will not influence the expected life of a 7.5 differential under the conditions you mention, which are very similar to those I applied during a kind-of-abusive three-year "sporting-use" of my V6 auto-equipped car.
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Frank S
In article ,
Wow, thanks Frank & Ashton. There are others that would agree with you.
I do have a very reputable mustang specialty shop within walking distance. They've done many gears. They rebuilt me an 8.8" axle & GT exhaust take-offs for my old '94 v6 mustang.
I have one last 8.8 to check out, hopefully tomorrow, then I might just have to put gears and a traction lock in my 7.5".
Thanks for your opinions. twk
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tires will peel out first. save your money for tickets. save your money if it really breaks.
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